10 reasons guinea pigs are freaking amazing
01. They have adorable tiny faces.


02. They have adorable little butts.


03. They’re clean little guys and they don’t stink.


04. You never have to waste fruit or vegetable remains!


05. They have the cutest little voices and each piggie has its own unique sounding one.


06. They have HAIR not fur, so people that are allergic to cats and bunnies are free to play with little guineas.


RIP little Bisous :[
07. They will sit serenely in your lap and keep you company while you go through your blog feed.


08. You can teach them to do tricks like spin in a circle and beg.


09. They are very social creatures so you can hear them chat with each other and it’s the actual embodiment of perfection.


10. They’re really portable so you can easily take them out on dates to the park.

What’s your favorite little animal?
  • I want one!! I know I won't get one, but eventually I would love to have one.

  • I want one but I'm pretty sure my dog would eat it…

  • Such a cute post! I might have to do a similar one about hamsters 🙂

  • oh my goodness i think they are so so adorable!

  • So cute!! In 5th grade our classroom had a class guinea pig! He was super cute and we'd always play with him!

  • I always thought guinea pigs were cute but I never realized how great they were until I read this! How do they do with other animals, do you know? Also, they really don't stink? Do their cages ever smell?

  • oh my, look at that face!! I've never really been a pet person but i do love looking at other people's and enjoying them 🙂 x


  • Ok, so I legit had no idea guinea pigs were that cool! Now I want one!

  • oh my gosh, i want one.