7 Before 27

7 Before 27

So yesterday was my 26th birthday, guys. I’m trying really hard to not be freaked out by this lol, but I think rounding my age up mentally for the past few months really helped me prepare. It’s just so strange being at the end of my mid-twenties, you know? Although I really feel like my mid-twenties have been so so so much better than my early-twenties in many ways, so I’m looking forward to this 26th year.

Last year I wrote a 20 Before 26 post, which I focused on self-improvement vs bucket list style things. Going over it, I actually completed most of what I wrote down! I think writing about it really brought everything to the forefront of my consciousness and helped me my 25th year be personally productive. I find myself being so much more self-assured than I was at this time last year, much more mindful and present, and that makes me so very happy.

So on that note, here are 7 things I want to tackle before I turn 27!

1. Focus on my career. This is a big one. I want to get the ball really, really rolling on my career path and work hard on it. Since I graduated college, I haven’t really stuck to one industry but I think I’m finally settling in to what I want to do. I have some things currently in the works, and it’s time that I really push and accomplish.
2. Live a healthy, fit life. I have spent so many years worrying about eating and working out for the sake of what my body looks like. While that changed a lot in the past year, I want to keep going with it. I love the way eating healthy and being fit feels, and I want to keep encouraging myself to be my strongest self.
3. Be assertive and unafraid. Again, this is something that improved a lot over the past year and I want to keep going with it. In my teenage and early twenties years, I was overly conscious of what others thought of me and consequently allowed myself to be walked all over way too often. I have gotten a lot better, but there is so much room for improvement when it comes to speaking my mind and going after what I want vs focusing solely on what others want.
4. Recognize when things need to be let go. So many things that seem disastrous are actually completely inconsequential. I want to stop devoting energy to little things that really don’t matter and focus on the big picture. Those little things distract from what’s important, and I want to stop letting myself get sidetracked.
5. Learn a new language. Ilhan has been urging me to learn Turkish for quite some time, and this is the year to do it. I’ve already been memorizing some words with DuoLingo, but I need to hone in and practice daily. Fluency here I come! ;]
6. Journal. SUCH a big one that I dropped the ball on last year. I love reading my teenage journals because they include so many stories I would have otherwise forgotten. I already deeply regret not keeping journal in college. I want to take time out of every day, even just to write down what happened. I don’t want to forget my emotions and experiences.
7. Volunteer. I haven’t volunteered in forever, sad as that is. I have been REALLY wanting to try and volunteer at a local animal shelter and this is the year to just DO IT.

Thanks for keeping me accountable :]

  • Hima

    so much yes to all of these!! 2 is so important – I’ve literally seen a 180 difference between this semester and last semester in my health/fitness habits and I’ve seen how it impacts EVERYTHING in my life.

  • Happy belated birthday!

  • Happy belated birthday, gurrrrrrrl! You look, um like, 19? WHAT’S THE SECRET? Ha ha!
    Good luck for your goals. They sound very realistic. Turkish is such a graceful language. My mother-language Urdu is quite similar to it, so I could understand a few words. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

    I absolutely love your welcome photo.

    Noor | Noor’s Place