20 in 2015 // a reading challenge
I love reading challenges, and talking about them on the blog really helps me be successful. I can’t believe I read 24 books last year, and I know it was thanks to being held accountable here that I did it. I can’t remember the last time I read two books a month just for fun!

Although it would be great to keep up the rate at which I was reading in 2014, I am a great deal busier these days so for 2015 I’m sticking to 20 books. If I get more than that done, great, but I’m not trying to set myself up for failure by shooting too high haha.

I don’t want to do 20 in 2015 as formally as I did 24 in 2014, with regular updates and book reviews. In retrospect, there were only a handful of books that I read last year that I absolutely LOVED and that warranted reviews. So this year, I’m going to save 20 in 2015 posts for reviewing books that I absolutely LOVE and cannot wait to share with you.

So far, I’ve already completed Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones by Greg Campbell and I’m in the middle of two books now, one about the Salem witch trials and another about Buddhism.

Join me in this challenge! Turn off Netflix a little earlier this year and go to sleep reading, not looking at a bright screen. Read (or listen to!) a book on your commute instead of browsing Instagram. Why not? Goodreads is a great place to track your reading, and you can actually enter a reading goal for the year and it will help you stay on track. Follow me on Goodreads and we can connect over books :]

Do you have any book recommendations? I need them!
  • Hima

    I've read like 4 books this year too. I'm thinking of not setting goals this year- just going with the flow and seeing how it goes! I'm reading amy poehler's memoir right now and it's absolutely hilarious. Maybe not literature, but hilarious 🙂