2015 // A Fresh Start
I took an unexpected hiatus for most of December; my last post was published on December 10 and I just could not bring myself to write anything after that. I was feeling really lost in the blog world, without purpose or direction and I wasn’t loving my content anymore. A Weekend Crossing felt like an afterthought to me; I LIKED what I was writing about, but it wasn’t an in-love kind of feeling. I have resisted putting myself into a niche because I don’t like feeling limited, but as a result I just lost sight of what AWC is about and consequently lost my motivation to continue.

But no more. I love blogging. I love the blogging community. I knew I wanted to get back into it, so I’ve spent the past few weeks journaling and brainstorming and writing a million lists to re-ground myself so I can take A Weekend Crossing where I want it to go in 2015.

A Weekend Crossing was born as a travel blog, a tool to share pictures of my travels in Europe with my parents. Since I’ve been home, I’ve dabbled in many themes from DIY projects to book reviews  but nothing really sat well with me. Nothing felt like a fit, like something I could really put my all into writing about. In my brainstorming the past few weeks, it has been clearer and clearer that nothing flares up my passion and inspiration as does travel and discovering every corner of the globe.

I’ve drifted from travel blogging because I’ve just been living at home and that doesn’t feel exciting or special to me, but that is going to change in 2015. I need to wake up and take a look around. I live in Orange County, CA and frequent both San Diego and Los Angeles. It is beautiful here. Southern California is a sought-after travel destination. This year, I’m going to stop moping and longing to be exploring other continents and FALL IN LOVE with where I am. I hope you join me!

Coming to A Weekend Crossing in 2015:
  • More photo diaries featuring locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.
  • More restaurant, museum, park, historical site, etc., reviews.
  • Southern California based travel guides/information about my favorite places in this area.
  • Serious dedication to Skygram Weekly.
  • I still want to include some personal posts, series, and Instarecaps. I’m going to keep writing about what I’ve been reading, but it will be set up differently than in was last year. I want to do two outfit posts a month because even though I wouldn’t call myself a fashion blogger, I love clothes and shopping and dressing up so why the heck not? I am also really really really eager to change the look of my blog, so hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.

    I bought myself a handful of cute notebooks and a planner. I have posts planned up January 15. I’m so ready for 2015! And thanks to my unplanned hiatus in December, I’m here on January 1st kicking the year off with my 300th post. I think that’s a pretty good omen :]


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