5 Things That Happen When Your Little Sibling Goes to Your Alma Mater
My little brother is currently a student at Allegheny College, my alma mater. So this is a first hand testimonial of what you’ll definitely experience in a similar situation. UGH LITTLE SIBLINGS STOP GETTING OLD.


01. You will insist on helping them move in because HOW COULD YOU NOT. HASHTAG SENTIMENTAL OK?!?!?!? Really though you will definitely become a helicopter sibling in the weeks preceding departure all the way through move-in because you’re the eXpErT and have so much advice to bestow upon them. Gosh, why didn’t you have you when you were moving in?

02. You will for sure pretend you’re them. Like this is actually my freshman orientation right I’m definitely not 24 and you are DEFINITELY not old enough to be in college, little mini one! You just had your 9th birthday! No? You’re almost 18 now…?!

03. You are going to live vicariously through them. I mean their interests should be identical to yours right? Plotting out their entire college career to match what you did and loved/didn’t do and regret not doing is completely reasonable. This is great advice ok? Just be a better me and you’ll be set.

04. You are going to text them way too often to check up. Are you going to office hours? Do you like your roommate/are you best friends yet? Are you going to the same weekend places I went to? Are you following my specific instructions that will allow me to thoroughly live vicariously through you?

05. Most of all, you’ll be really really proud of your little one. Because when it comes down to it, you don’t care if they’re actually a little you or not. You’re just happy they’re them.

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  • So cute! I don't have any siblings, but I love your gif usage! I feel like if one of my best friend's younger siblings came to my alma mater, I'd be almost the same!

  • aw, this is so cute! it must be so awesome to be able to share something that's such a big part of your life with him!