5 Things to Do In San Diego This Fall

5 Things to do in San Diego This Fall

Happy first day of fall! I’m so so so pumped to leave the summer behind…this is my favorite time of year, when the air gets crisp and you can drink hot drinks all bundled up next to the window. Sadly, Southern California doesn’t really cool down until November or December (or January…), so a lot of traditional fall things don’t really apply. For example, we don’t get much of that stunning fall foliage for admiring/crunching/jumping in, and our fall wardrobes don’t vary much from our summer ones (October = fire season…no).

Without scarves, hot drinks, blustery weather, it can be hard to get into the fall mood…but San Diego still has a lot to offer especially for this season.

1. Go to the beach

As I said above, fall in San Diego can be just as hot as summer, so why not take advantage of having so many beautiful beaches to choose from? There are far fewer tourists at the beach September-November than in the months prior, but the weather is usually pretty similar. So…lots of sunshine + lots of beach to yourself.
San Diego Beach

2. San Diego Beer Week

Did you know that San Diego is the craft beer capital of the US (sorry, Portland!)? There are over 100 breweries in SD County, some of which are popular across the country and even the world. San Diego Beer Week (November 6 – 15) features lots of different events (like The Wedge Artisan Cheese Festival with Craft Beer and Wine Pairing…YES PLEASE), but what I’m most interested in is the Beer Garden event, which will feature unlimited samples from 24 breweries (including Stone and Ballast Point breweries, two of my favorites!) and 12 chefs.
Stone Brewery San Diego

3. Julian pies

Although Julian pies are incredible year round, there’s just something so “fall” about digging into a spiced apple pie, right? You don’t even need to drive up to the mountains to get one…they’re available in certain stores across San Diego county.
Julian Pie Company San Diego

4. Dia de los Muertos in Old Town

Ilhan and I went to Mexico to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) last year, but I think this would be a nice substitution for this year! There will be traditional alters, food and drinks, live music, art and other workshops/activities. The celebration will be held October 31 – November 2.
Dia de los Muertos San Diego

5. The Whaley House

As a history lover, the Whaley House is one of my absolute favorite things to do in San Diego. It is the oldest brick house in the city, so it’s a fascinating museum year round. What makes it extra fun in fall is that it’s also the most haunted house in the entire COUNTRY. Is it weird that this fact makes me really proud to be a native San Diegan? Anyway…what better way to spend the spookier months of the year than in America’s most haunted house? There are also ghost tours you can take in Old Town that include the Whaley House and are super fun (I had a paranormal experience on one!).
Whaley House San Diego

What’s your favorite thing to do in fall?

Pie photo via haikufriday. Dia de los Muertos photo via San Diego Blog. Whaley House photo via Alik Griffin.
  • solid list! i love the beer culture san diego has…i can’t wait to make there one day!

    • Thank you! And I love it too, it’s one of the things I like the most about San Diego…there’s SO MUCH fantastic beer hehe. I hope you can make it out one day too :]

  • Sounds like a great list! And welcome back and love your new look! Yay!

  • Love this list! And yay, the comments work again 😉

    • Hooray! Thank you for letting me know about them :] And are you doing any of these this year? I’m 99% sure we’re going to do some of the Beer Week stuff.

  • 1. can i just say that your site looks AMAZING?
    2. I never really thought about fall in a warmer climate-jealous that you can still go to the beach in October!
    3. Craft Beer=yes

    • 1. THANK YOU!! I love it hehe.
      2. Hahaha I didn’t even realize it until I was in school on the east coast…it makes such a big difference! I love the cold though, so sometimes even being able to go to the beach in October doesn’t make up for the lack of scarves and boots :[
      3. AGREED.

  • JULIAN! Gosh, my favorite little town in the world. I miss those yummy apply pies right now