6 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Stick To This Year

It’s that time of year again! Time for a fresh start, for thinking of things you want to do better this year, for putting together that list of New Year’s resolutions. This is such a motivating time of the year for me; I love thinking about the year to come and what I want to accomplish, new habits to develop etc. Even if those resolutions fall to the wayside eventually, it’s just such an optimistic time of the year, you know? In the past I’ve shared various goals on my blog but I want to keep most of them more personal this year. However, these six I felt were more global resolutions, ones everyone could relate to and benefit from in some way. So here’s some New Year’s resolution inspiration for you :]

6 New Year's Resolutions You Should Stick To This Year

01. Have informed opinions.

In a world where attention spans are maxed out with six second sound bites, it is vital that we make a conscious effort actually looking into important issues before acting upon our opinions. I’m definitely guilty of building opinions on issues based on my Facebook feed…this is unacceptable and everyone should vow to do proper research this year. For one, we should be able to back up opinions with research, and two, it’s valuable having the ability to discuss issues that matter to you in depth.

02. Replace more tv binges with reading.

I can’t even count how many tv show binges I went on in 2015. Ugh. Hours and hours and hours just sunk into my computer screen with nothing to show for it on the other side. While it’s completely unrealistic for me to write off Netflix binges completely for 2016, I do want to start replacing some sessions with reading. Who’s with me?

03. Make mindful choices.

Whether it’s a choice to overindulge on a Friday night or a choice to wake up early and be productive on a Wednesday morning, I think that there’s so much value in noticing each and every decision presented to us. We have so much freedom in our lives, even when things happen that make us feel like nothing is going our way. It’s uplifting paying attention to just how many choices we are lucky enough to make each day.

04. Think about where you want to be on 12/31/16 and make a plan to get there.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve literally never made a resolution with a specific destination in mind. Usually I resolve to read more, do more yoga, etc…but without thinking of what the end result I’m shooting for is. Be detailed! Where do you want to be by the end of this year and what steps are necessary to get there?

05. Take at least one trip to somewhere you’ve never been.

Traveling is just so good for the soul. And it’s completely, 100% doable to see somewhere you’ve never seen once a year. This could be anything from a plane trip to the other side of the globe or a quick drive to a nearby city you’ve never explored. Get out there and see something new!

06. Keep a journal.

Did anyone else keep super detailed diaries throughout middle school and high school?🙋🏼 Reading them is slightly embarrassing but really I’m grateful to have such a detailed account of those days. I didn’t write anything down in college, and have minimally journaled post-graduation. The result is important details are lost and everything becomes a broad memory. Think of how wonderful it would be even a year from now to go back and remember specific days and events in detail? Take 10 minutes before bed and jot down what happened that day…it’s a small effort for an amazing pay off.

So are any of these things you’d like to resolve to do with me this year? What other resolutions do you have?