8 Pet Peeves // with help from Real Housewives!
01. Slow drivers who insist on remaining in the passing lane. GET OUT. YOU ARE PASSING NO ONE. Seriously can’t everyone agree with me on this one? Nothing is worse than being completely trapped behind some snail of a driver who is going the exact same speed as the lane to the right. WHAT ASKHLGHLFDJGHLDJHG.

02. People who talk on the phone throughout a transaction at the store. The cashier is a human being…can you not treat them like an intimate object. Turn off your phone for literally two minutes and acknowledge the person in front of you.

03. This doesn’t necessarily apply to me anymore because I’m not in school, but it was BEYOND irritating to be in class and students start closing their notebooks/making a ton of noise in the 30 seconds before class is officially over and the professor is wrapping up. Seriously? You’re being incredibly rude and are you like five years old and can’t wait a matter of seconds before class is over?

04. Not tipping servers. I know in a lot of places in Europe you don’t have to tip because it’s worked into the bill, but here we don’t have that and I think it’s simply a social norm to tip AT LEAST 10%. It just seems ridiculously rude to not tip. People in service jobs already deal with so much BS from customers…just give them a decent tip.

05. When people say “this room/closet/hall etc is claustrophobic.” NO. Places like rooms canNOT be claustrophobic guys. They’re just walls. They have no feelings of claustrophobia. What you mean to say is “this room makes ME claustrophobic” or “I feel claustrophobic in here.” Mkay?

06. People who rudely wake sleeping people during regular sleeping hours. For example, if there’s a person sleeping and someone comes in and just turns the light on. Or talks on the phone in the same room as a sleeping person. I understand this if it’s during the day or something, but it is VERY irritating when it happens at like 2am or 6am or any time where people are usually asleep.

07. I’m pretty sure this is a pet peeve for anyone who knows how to not commit this offense, but the there/they’re/their and your/you’re confusion is just beyond irritating.

08. Shoppers who are disrespectful beyond what is humanly possible. This bothers me so much that I wrote a whole post about it. As a retail employee, I witnessed people knocking things over, yanking clothing off racks/tables and leaving them in piles, coming in two minutes before closing and messing up areas that were already cleaned, left mountains of clothes on the floor of the fitting room, etc. I even had several people make comments about it being “my job” to clean up after them.

What are your pet peeves? Linking up with Helene and Taylor.

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