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So a few weeks ago, Anna at Anna Czarina nominated me for a Liebster award. Since I just posted about one that I previously got from Julia at Writers Block Near You, I didn’t want to do the whole thing over but thought I would just answer Anna’s questions (inspired in part by Miho!). Anyways, I recently have gained some new readers (62 followers on Bloglovin woooo!) and thought it would be nice to kind of introduce myself to everyone, new readers and old alike, since I have never disclosed much personal information about myself. So here are Anna’s questions + 11 Quirks (found on Bits of Days) and I’m working on a 50 Random Facts tag post that should be up later in the week :]

Liebster Award:

01. What’s your favourite type of blog post? On my blog, my favorites are Instarecaps and travel posts, but when reading I enjoy DIYs, OOTDs, recipes and posts that are more personal and help me get to know the blogger.
02. If you can describe your blog in 3 words, what would it be and why? Random, friendly, photos. Because I don’t really have a “thing” that I blog about…I feel like my blog is kind of all over the place, because I don’t post anything controversial and I think I’m a nice person (right?), because I take the pictures that I post veryyy seriously and most of what I post I took myself. 
03. What did you want to be when your were a child? Hahaha there were TONS of things I wanted to be when I was little, but my two biggest dreams were to be an actress (of course…) and a dolphin trainer at Sea World. The actress dream faded out but I really wanted to train dolphins for a long time until I realized I had to take science classes for that to be possible. NOT WORTH IT!
04. Shoes or jewelry? Well most of my life this would have been a hands-down jewelry, but lately it has definitely been shoes! I deserved it though…my shoe collection was in a completely dismal state so it needed to be built up. I mean really, who doesn’t have a pair of black heels?! 
05. Do you have a recently found blog that you love reading? P.S. Heart! 
06. What’s your guilty pleasure? Law and Order SVU. I’ve seen every season once, most of them twice haha. Not even embarrassed. It’s currently on the 15th season btw.
07. Is there a skill that you want to learn? (Cooking, play the guitar and etc) YES. I want to be able to learn languages in a snap and be one of those cool people who speaks like 20 languages. I’m working on Spanish and Arabic at the moment but progress is so slow. My list of languages to learn is so so so long though.
08. Is there a role model that you look up to? Anne Boleyn, my favorite historical figure. Read about why here.
09. What’s your favourite fashion item? It’s a tie between leggings and cardigans haha. I wear leggings probably 10x more than I wear real pants haha. They’re so freaking comfy and they come in such great patterns! Plus I love the way the look with a loose button up, whereas I feel like untucked button ups look unfinished when paired with jeans. And for cardigans, I wear them with almost every outfit. Especially chunky ones!
10. What’s your favourite tv show or movie? Since I just told you my favorite TV show, my favorite movie is Pride&Prejudice, the one with Keira Knightley in it. It’s the movie I watch in bed when I’m having a bad day, the movie that I cry to 110% of the time, the movie whose soundtrack is the most relaxing music on earth to my ears. I LOVE IT. I also have the biggest girl crush ever on Keira haha.
11. What’s your favourite time of the year and why? I love fall. I’m not really a fan of summer because I hate the heat (I only like summer nights, when it’s warm) and I am constantly uncomfortable in it. Fall is just perfect. I love winter too, but with fall comes that feeling of relief that the cool is finally back and you can FINALLY start wearing your cute cold weather wardrobe. By winter, you’re kind of used to it.

11 Quirks:

01. I am really OCD about I eat my salad. I eat ALL SALADS ingredient by ingredient in order from least favorite to favorite. Usually that means I eat the celery first, then the carrots and I almost always end with tomatoes although sometimes the leaves are the last to go. I’ve recently started to REALLY FORCE MYSELF to eat salad like a normal person and combine ingredients in my bites…but I have to really try.
02. I really easily freak myself out in the dark. It’s a problem…like if I’m the last one to go to sleep and have to turn off all the lights, I can soooo easily start thinking about ghosts or bad guys and it just escalates so freakishly fast until my heart feels like it isn’t beating anymore and I walk as fast as I can to my room. I don’t know why I do this to myself. Seriously just last night it took my like an hour to fall asleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about ghosts so I had to keep opening my eyes to make sure none were in my room…am I a three year old?
03. I HATE washing my hair. It takes forever to do because it’s so long and thick and it always looks weird the day after I wash it. Luckily for me I have super dry and coarse hair so I can get away without washing it too much haha.
04. I can’t eat bread/toast with any kind of spread on it unless the spread is evenly distributed over the entire slice. Seriously I CANNOT eat a piece of toast if the butter isn’t spread all the way to the edges/if there are dry pieces. THIS DOESN’T WORK NO NO NO NO NO.
05. I absolutely can’t mix sugar and alcohol. I will throw up every time. I honestly don’t know how anyone can drunkenly eat ice cream or cake or chocolate etc…salty drunk snacks are the only acceptable ones!
06. I don’t wear blue jeans. I just can’t style them/they look weird on me/I always feel too casual in them.
07. I actually tear up and/or full on cry if I hit an animal while driving. Seriously I’ve hit a few rabbits/squirrels while driving and my life may as well have ended in those moments too. I feel so bad for the poor littles.
08. I hate eating the last of something. If someone brings cookies to work and there is only one left, I won’t have it. Even if everyone else has already had one. I just can’t.
09. My fingers are freakishly bendy. I can bend them at just the very top knuckle, my thumbs can go backwards into some serious hitchhiker’s thumb, and I can put my two index fingers together and move them in a weird snake-like motion. 
10. I am completely afraid of my hand getting stuck in the garbage disposal. It’s a really random paranoia, especially considering I don’t watch horror movies or anything. But I am TERRIFIED of reaching down there to retrieve something that has fallen because I am so scared of it turning on by itself while my hand is down there and shredding up my hand! If I drop silverware or something I’ll get prongs to reach it rather than stick my hand down.
11. I hate beets with every fiber of my being. They’re just the grossest of vegetables. That’s all.

I tag YOU! What are your 11 quirks?

  • How wonderful! We are the same!


  • I love love love leggings & cardigans. Choosing between which is better is the hardest thing in the world. & I eat my salads ocd also, but i eat it from one side to the other. If someone takes a bite from the side I am not working on, I get so irritated and sometimes am unable to finish the salad. But it is only with that meal! How strange. Also, eating the last of anything is hard. Then what after that?! First world problems right there!

    So glad I found your blog! xo. Kailagh

  • wait. so, you've hit multiple animals?! i wish i could hug you. i hit a rabbit when i was 16 or something i am fully scarred – i think i 'yip!'ed when i read that. ps. your blog is so cute!

  • ahh, love these! my fingers are super bendy too, i thought it was normal for the longest time until someone pointed it out xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  • omg!! i totally wanted to be a dolphin trainer too (and an astronaut). but then the whole science part crushed my dreams (for both). so funny! 🙂

  • I loved reading this! haha seriously! Its great to know more about you Marla! <3
    And I scare myself too much too! Every night I have to turn on the lamp before turning off the lights. Then when I'm all set in bed, I unplug the lamp (the socket is just right beside my bed) whilst turning on my phone for light. Hahahahaha. Sometimes I put my earphones on so I cant hear noises that are mostly perhaps just my imagination..hahaha

  • i read every word of this and loved it! but now i've forgotten all the comments i wanted to write haha. the salad thing is hilarious – i don't think you need to change your ways, it's all healthy and doesn't matter what order you eat veggies in as long as you're eating them 😉 x

  • Hahaha I love reading this! You're such a weirdo Marla! Lol, just kidding. But I CAN FEEL YOU about ghosts! I would put the blanket over my head and make sure my back is facing the wall, so they can't touch my back when I sleep!

  • Learned so much about you. I'm def subscribing to your blog.

  • Hehe the best way to be! :]

  • Hahaha RIGHT!? They're both so wonderful! And omg about salad OCD…I HATE it when people mess things up like that! Seriously just leave me in peace! And thank you :] I'm glad too!

  • On accident!! I live in the country, there are animals in the road all the time :[ So sad!

  • Bendy fingers unite!


  • hahahahahha I do that too!! I hate no light, I hate too much silence…everything is too scary!

  • Hahaha thank you for your support, my dear!

  • OMG OMG OMG ME TOO. Also because I want to have a clear view of the room haha…no one sneaking up on me!

  • Awww yay!