Amsterdam // Canals
I’m beginning to realize how long it is going to take to post all of my travel photos haha. I took so many in each place, I’m going to need to divide them up not by location but by specific themes in each location. Eek. So here’s Amsterdam Part One: Canals.


I think Amsterdam is one of the most serene and pristine cities I’ve ever been in. It’s quite unfortunate that the images that come to mind when someone mentions the city are of weed and prostitutes. Even in Amsterdam, almost all of the souvenirs revolved around those images. I would have loved to have seen more of an emphasis on the stunning architecture or the traditional Dutch items (clogs, tulips, cheese…anything), or at least more options in that direction rather than being stuck with party-themed material. But I digress.

It was truly amazing; you could be walking on the busy, touristy main street that was loud and bustling and crowded and turn off onto any of the side streets and the mood immediately changed. Not even a five minute walk out of the major tourist areas would bring you into the most quiet capital I’ve ever set foot in, and we LOVED it. It’s true that everyone rides bikes, which heavily reduces the noise pollution.

The buildings, mostly dating from the 1600-1700s, are dark and beautiful and have aged to lean with the wet foundation on which they were built, reminding you how much history they have endured. Looking at them, especially given the tranquil surroundings, you could almost hear them creaking. On a creepier note, hardly anyone used blinds or curtains, so when the sun started to set and people turned lights on, you could see inside the homes. Let me tell you, they were just gorgeous and perfect.

We felt very peaceful in Amsterdam.

I could keep rambling, but I’ll continue writing about this city next week. Hope you enjoyed!