Around the World Blog Hop
I was supposed to post this yesterday, but when I got home and sat down to publish it, my internet wasn’t working… *grumpy emoji* Better late than never?
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Last Monday I was tagged by my wonderful friend Jane over at one of my favorite blogs Always With Yoo to participate in this thought-provoking blog hop. This Monday, I’m sharing my answers. It was a lot more challenging than anticipated, and I appreciate that.

What am I working on? 
I’m working on doing a better job developing this space. I want to switch over to WordPress because it really freaks me out that Google can delete your blog if you use Blogger. I want to buy my domain name. I want to start actually doing sponsorships. I want to spend more time networking and making new blog friends (because I LOVE the ones that I’ve made thus far!).

Now that I have more free time (bye H&M), this and Paleohacks are my main priorities. I am working on developing a functional schedule, working 4-5 hours per blog per day. I am working on getting my butt out of bed at an earlier hour to fit everything in. I’m working on making A Weekend Crossing grow.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
This is sadly a tough question to answer. I feel like my blog is niche-less; it’s just a standard lifestyle blog. I guess my work differs from others of its genre because it has me in it. I am a guinea pig mother, girlfriend to a Turkish fella, and a wandering college grad. I’m the only person on earth with my “lifestyle” to share…so I guess that’s what makes my work unique.

Why do I write/create what I do? 

Simply, because I love it. Since I’ve started putting a big effort into blogging, I have seen my creativity grow, my ability to find inspiration in the ordinary get stronger, and my photographer’s eye become more skilled. I also write because of the connections it has brought me. I have had pen pals since I was like 8 years old; I have always been a person who loves “meeting” other humans from other parts of the world, and this blog has aided me in that pursuit. That is the main reason I find my motivation to write in this space.

It’s far less organized than it should be…I’m working on it! I try to write down my post ideas in my phone whenever they come to me, and I have a loose schedule in my iPad planner (paper planners stopped working for me because I couldn’t stick to them and it was annoying to keep erasing things). I like having one day a week where I just sit and write and get all of those creative juices pumping until my mind is numb. I LOVE the to-write planning process; the feeling of your mind racing with ideas and potential is so exciting.

I’m tagging three of my oldest friends here in Blogosphere:

Miho, Wander to Wonder // Miho is a London based blogger who literally makes you want to just go live in her closet so you can tag along with her and her husband and/or friends to the amazing restaurants/sites they go to. She has gorgeous pictures and captivating posts…you will want to be in London immediately. Favorite recent posts: 1, 2, 3

Shannon, Little Blue Backpack // Shannon has one of the prettiest blog I ever did see. She is a BEYOND talented photographer and shares both digital and film shots, and her writing is so beautiful and poetic and a perfect compliment to her stunning photos. Also she started a travel guide brand called Atlas Addict which is the coolest thing ever. Favorite recent posts: 1, 2, 3

Julia, Writer’s Block Near You // Julia has a very beautiful internet space; her photography is absolutely incredible and I LOVE the way she edits her shots. But the charm of her blog goes beyond her pictures and writing…her vlogs are SO CUTE and I actually love watching them (which is rare for me haha). Plus amazing podcast recommendations ;] Favorite recent posts: 1, 2, 3

  • girl i am so glad you are part of the blogging world. you are one of the sweetest! your blog is definitely unique and wonderful.

  • Love it! I once had a blog on wordpress with my own domain name and server with blue host, but then when I started up again I used blogger – I guess it's because I never used it and wanted to see what it was like. I am regretting it slightly and play with the thought of moving to wordpress. I look forward to seeing you grow this lovely space of yours!