Autumn Tag

Hello blog world! I totally disappeared from blogging last week. I was totally slammed at work and have just been exhausted and getting sick :[ I’ll be back this week though, I promise! Especially doing October Daily again.

I hope everyone had a great week! Here’s something quick for this late Sunday night. I found this autumn tag somewhere and I started doing it last week (was supposed to post it Thursday…oops.). So enjoy this for now and we’ll meet again tomorrow!

001. Favourite thing about Autumn: the crisp weather!

002. Favourite Drink: Sweet and Spicy tea by Good Earth :] THE BEST THING.

003. Favourite Scent/Candle: Anything spiced, be it pumpkin or cider. They make such great candle scents!

004. Best Lipstick: Everything In Wine by Revlon…it’s a really nice deep red. My go-to when I’m feeling vampy.

005. Go-to Moisturiser: Coconut oil.

006. Go-to colour for eyes: Cork by Mac. It’s neutral while still being dark enough to feel fall-ish.

007. Favourite music to listen to: Bon Iver, The National, The Tallest Man On Earth, Bright Eyes.

008. Favourite outfit: HANDS DOWN leggings with boots and a chunky sweater and a messy top knot. There is absolutely no competition here…I don’t care that “leggings aren’t pants,” I wear them ALL THE TIME in fall (always with my butt covered with my top though!).

009. Favourite autumn treat: Pumpkin pie and carmel apples :]

010. Favourite place to be: The east coast of the US. I LOVED fall in Pennsylvania when I want to school there…it was so chilly and the colors changed and it was just perfect. Here in California it’s still hot, I’m so over it.

I tag YOU :]

  • haha! I am the same way about leggings. I just don't even care. They're too comfortable to not wear every. single. day! (But i also HAVE to wear a long shirt with them to cover my booty).

  • I KNOW they are literally the most comfortable of all clothes. I hate all pants except leggings…they are somehow more feminine feeling than jeans. Or maybe it's because I can get away with that enormous sweater only if I'm wearing leggings haha. Either way…they are FOR SURE the thing I look forward to all summer long.

  • This is so cute. I love autumn and miss the east coast so much.

    Glad you are feeling better! <3


  • you have great taste in music 🙂 and i got so excited when i read caramel apples. haven't had them in forever! i'm tempted to try making them at home… x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Thank you :] I miss the east coast too, gahh. It doesn't seem like fall without the chill :[

  • Hehe thank you! I assume that means you have great taste in music too ;] And you totally should make them, and then blog about it. And then I'll get inspired to make some too teehee.