Barcelona // City Views
By the time we got to Barcelona, we were really depleted on energy. We were on our fifth week of sleeping on couches, sightseeing all day every day, countless Ryanair flights and train rides, and living out of little carry-on suitcases. Barcelona was the perfect place for us to conclude our European tour; we went to the beach, walked around in the warmth, and were completely and totally aimless. We didn’t see some of the main sites that you should see in Barcelona because we just didn’t have the energy to plan. We didn’t eat tons of traditional foods that you’re supposed to try because we didn’t care to figure out where to go/what restaurants had the best. But we had a sunny few days of relaxation, it was exactly what we needed.

  • This makes me want to go back to Barcelona like RIGHT now. I was in Madrid for a month, and we went to Barcelona for the weekend and the first thing we did was go to the beach and just lay in the sand. Such an amazing city!

  • It's settled. This summer. We're going to Europe. And you're going to show me everything. And we can take pretty pictures together.

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  • Oh Barcelona! I had such an eventful trip there and it also resulted in crappy pictures. Completely jealous of yours!

  • I realllyyyy want to go to Barcelona! But it's quite expensive getting there from here! (like over €150 return tickets) Did you fly there or did you go by train, and from where?

  • Wonderful place!! And yes I'm so jelly of all these photographs!

  • sounds like you did Barcelona perfectly! I've heard that it's such a relaxing city, the best place to end a vacation xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  • Barcelona is such an amazing place . The history is certainly awesome along with buildings <3