Barcelona // Park Guell
I mentioned in my last Travel Tuesday post that Erica and I didn’t spend a lot of time visiting specific destinations in Barcelona, but Park Guell was one of the ones that we did stop at. This park was designed by famous Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi and is known for the whimsical designs of the structures.

There was a guy singing with his guitar up on top of the hill. We sat overlooking Barcelona in the sunshine listing to the performance for half an hour before it got too chilly with the setting sun.

  • You look so smart, chicas !!! It's a beautiful place 🙂

  • this is so beautiful! you both look adorable. the first thing i think of (cue embarrassing statement) is cheetah girls, because they did a dance number down this staircase….but the mosaics are beautiful and the curves//architecture is also very interesting xx

  • ahhh barcelona. such a stunning stunning place – and you honestly look like you belong there!! spectacular photos x