Bath Time!
I love giving my guinea pig children baths.

Showers, rather.

I just bring them into the shower with me (taking care to not get my shampoo/conditioner on them as it can hurt their skin) and wash them in there. I like to think they prefer that to a bath as showers more resemble their rainy natural habitats in South America…despite the fact that domesticated guineas are far from their wild cousins. Whatever, I’m right, right!?

Nala is much more afraid of the water than Loverboy is. She shies from the water and hides in the corner, only becoming more comfortable with it once she’s completely wet.


Loverboy is much more adventurous than Nala in general. When he gets in the shower, he is only nervous for a few brief moments before he pleasantly sits in the water. So cute!

In other news, I have been sleeping terribly lately. I hate it. Last night for example, it took me over an hour to fall asleep (I had to count sheep…literally. I was past 500 before I was finally out) and then I woke up at 4 and couldn’t sleep again until almost 6. What is going on?! It’s really frustrating and really negatively affects my day. I was supposed to get work done this morning but instead I fell back to sleep right after breakfast for over an hour. ASLDJHSLGD.

What do you do when you have problems falling asleep?