Black on Black // What Wearing All Black Means to Me

Black on Black

Over the past few years, my wardrobe has slowly but steadily lost its color. Open up my closet door and you’ll find everything organized into blacks, whites, and greys…but nothing else. And even still, I usually go for black items anyway; grey usually appears in the form of a cardigan and white as an easy cropped tee or maybe a pair of shorts when I’m feeling summery. All of my shoes are black. Almost all of my bags are black. I just love wearing black.

I used to wear a lot of color in college, but the gradual departure of color from my wardrobe feels like me becoming more of myself. College was so transitory, all about finding myself…and that’s what wearing color in those days feels like in retrospect. Finding my sense of style, finding what makes me feel good, defining my “look.” I was a wannabe “scene” kid in high school, with black hair and tons of makeup and always wearing black band shirts paired with skinny jeans and black hoodies. I drifted from that in college as I tried to be more adult-y and grew out of the scene kid thing. Yet here I am as an actual adult person going back to the black-on-black vibes I lived on in high school, and it feels really “me.”

I love how simple wearing black is, yet it makes me feel dressed up even if it’s just a black tee + black denim. I like the way it looks with my skin tone, I like the way it looks with dark lipstick and simple eye makeup. I like the way all of my garments go together, easily matching each other with very little effort. I like how simple it makes shopping; if it doesn’t come in black, I’m not going to buy it. And not gonna lie…I like how it makes me feel like a witch, a little bit intimidating, a little bit on the scary side.

But above all, I love how wearing all black makes me feel intense and powerful but also quiet and mysterious. Though I like bright colors on other people, they seem too “fun” for me, too outgoing and attention-grabbing. I like being on the sidelines, away from the spotlight, and wearing black feels like that. Powerful on my own terms, powerful just sitting here by myself, powerful without being at the center of attention. It is being loud while being subtle. Though it is as dark as dark can be, to me it is strength burning bright.

What does something about your style mean to you?

  • I’m the same way – most of my wardrobe is black, with a little grey and burgundy occasionally coming through. It makes it incredibly easy to get ready as everything matches, and black automatically makes everything look better and more put together, IMO. And I have to agree… looking ever so slightly witchy and mysterious is half the fun. 🙂

    Kate |

  • I’ve never really thought too much about what my style means to me. I’ll see one style and love it and want it and then see another style and love it and want it too. I’ve been attempting to scale down my wardrobe, in size, in colour, everything. I wouldn’t mind if my wardrobe was all basics; I could slap on anything and it’d match. Not exactly the most fashion-forward, but very convenient 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Hima

    damn mar this is intense
    not gonna lie, I don’t think I have a personal style. I think it changes with trends, and with the season. I always love oversize maroon and dark grey sweaters in the fall, and brights and whites and florals in the spring. Who knows though, maybe I’ll come into my own as I get older!

  • Stefanie Meier

    I wear black on black almost everyday. I love how confident you are in your style.

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin’