Budapest – Kerepesi Cemetery
So for both my trip to Budapest and my trip to Stockholm, I took far too many pictures to fit into one post, so I’m going to spit them up as best I can!

To start off, here are some pictures from Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest, referred to in my tourist guide as the “Pere Lachaise of Budapest.” Being obsessed in graveyards as I am, this was the first Hungarian location I visited after I got settled in my host’s apartment. It was certainly not equatable to Paris’s Pere Lachaise…it was far better. I love Pere Lachaise, but it is always packed with people searching for the final resting places of the likes of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and Edith Piaf. At Kerepesi Cemetery, it was extremely spread out and very calm…it actually felt like a cemetery, rather than just a tourist attraction. It was a gorgeous day, clear and crisp, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the beautiful statues.

  • The trees, the statues, the fallen leaves and the overall feel makes me remember Medusa's Lair upon seeing this. Heheh. It's a beautiful cemetery! Our cemeteries here look nothing like this…

  • Omg that's so true!! So Medusa-ish! The cemeteries here look nothing like that either, so I was definitely happy to see something new there!