Budapest, March 2013
After posting absolutely nothing for four months (what?!) I am finally getting back to work on this blog, so I’m planning on getting all caught up on my travel posts from last semester as well as kicking off new themes for posts…but more on that later.

So in my last post I posted some pictures of Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest, so here are the rest of the pictures from that trip. Let me tell you, if you ever have to chance to visit Budapest DO IT because it is a really beautiful city (not to mention affordable, especially compared to the likes of Paris, London, Florence, etc.). The architecture was stunning and the city was stunning. I liked it so much I went back with my sister in May! I’ll write more details about the city when I get around to posting about our sister adventure…for now we’ll just stick with pictures :]


So after I get the rest of these solo travel pictures up I’m going to start branching out and work on expanding this blog. Blogging is something that I’ve been wanting to get into for a year or so now and I think this is finally the time. I’m working on developing posts/goals/themes so I’ll just stick with these photo-based travel posts until I’m fully prepared to unleash everything else :]