Bumble BFF is My New BFF


You’ve probably heard by now that the popular dating app Bumble recently entered the ~friend zone~ and you can now switch the app to “BFF” and swipe right for new galpals! I have never used a dating app (Ilhan and I started dating before smart phones were a things lol) but you’d better believe I downloaded Bumble the second I heard about the new BFF feature. And can I just say it is actually mind-blowingly amazing.

I work from home and have a long-term boyfriend, and neither of those is very conducive to making new friends…plus all of my friends from school are on the East Coast. So basically saying my circle here in California is small is the understatement of the century haha. I’m an introverted person who lives for alone time, but I’m simultaneously social and prefer having a large circle of friends, so I’ve been pretty sad at the lack of meaningful friendships I have here.

Anyway, Bumble BFF seems to be a game changer. I’ve had the app about ten days now and have already met up with two great gals (two times! We’re turning into a cute little group!) and have plans with others! Not to mention all of the fantastic conversations I’ve been having on the app. So I just have to share my experience for anyone curious about friend dating. Here’s what it’s like getting on Bumble BFF!

So it all starts when you download Bumble. Or if you already have it…set it to BFF, like so ^. Bumble will import your most recent Facebook profile pictures for you but you can arrange the order and delete/add photos if you want. I highly recommend adding at least two pictures because I think it’s sketchy to only have one…it could be anyone who just saved a random girl’s Facebook profile picture you know? Then comes the hard part…filling in the “Info” section UGH. Doesn’t everyone just hate writing About Me’s? PS I’ve noticed literally everyone using this app likes wine and brunch.

Bumble BFF 1

So now it’s time to start browsing! To be completely honest, at first I swiped everyone right because why not? But I’m pretty sure that was everyone’s mindset because I got like 50 connections right away and that’s just impossible to keep up with. So now my swipe routine is first checking if they have more than one picture, and then reading their about me. Only one picture? Swipe left. No about me? Swipe left.

It’s an exciting moment when you make a connection! I love that it’s instant and you can immediately stop swiping and get to messaging if you want. I was so awkward and nervous (like is this actual dating or what is going on?) when I reached out to my very first connection…seriously how do you even start a conversation with someone. But Bumble provides you with a huge selection of amazing GIFs!! What an incredible ice breaker right!? My favorite one for opening the conversation is an adorable waving bear with the word “Hello!” Who can say no to a bear waving at you right?

Bumble BFF 2

Conversation can be a little slow starting out of course, but in my whole ten days of experience I can say I think it’s clear pretty fast who you click with and who you don’t. For example, I starting talking with one girl and almost immediately we realized we’re pretty much the same person and our messages back and forth were getting so long that Bumble messages would cut them off/not send the whole thing! On the other hand, I’ve been in convo with other girls who don’t ask a single question back at me/only provide super short answers. Those fizzle out pretty fast.

So as mentioned above, I have already met up with some lovely ladies met via Bumble. I connected with one of them and she invited me to drinks along with another gal that she had connected with. I was SO NERVOUS getting ready for this, guys! What would we talk about? What was the minimum expected length in case it was too awkward to bear? What if I was getting catfished by a serial killer? But I was nervous for no reason…the three of us hit it off so well we ended up turning drinks into dinner and hung out for four hours!

The verdict on Bumble BFF is…IT IS AMAZING. I’m really happy with my experience so far, even just in communications on the app (and a few of my connections and I have ~upgraded~ to exchanging phone numbers and texting heheh). Really, I think there are so many wonderful people in this world that we miss out on in the hustle and bustle of day to day life, especially in a city like LA where everyone is in their car all the time, just headed directly to a specific destination.

 Have you used Bumble BFF? Would you?

  • GOSH! Friends dating app sounds amazing. I am surely gonna use it when I get back to Karachi for uni. I already have a hugeee friends group where everyone is a mutual friend of the other person. It gets boring sometimes because all we do or wherever we go is basically the same. I’m off the urban scene for awhile (saying “hidden under a comforter at my grands” would be more accurate), but when I get back, I am surely gonna need something like this.

    Noor | Noor’s Place

    • Awww that sounds lovely having a huge group of mutual friends though! I miss being in college where I had a group like that…it’s really nice. But hahahah I spend most of my time hidden under a comforter lol makes it kinda hard to meet friends ;]

  • I remember hearing about the idea when Bumble first marketed it but didn’t know how well it would work. Hearing your experiences makes me want to try it out for myself now!

    Kate | girlinthebluejack.blogspot.com

    • You seriously haveeeeee to! It’s just an app full of the nicest people because everyone is trying to be friends. It’s amazing.