Cambria // afternoon exploration
After our luxuriously lazy morning, we finally wandered out to the sunny downtown. Cambria is an impossibly quaint little town, and since we were there in the off season, it was also quiet and slow-paced. The air had an especially clean crispness to it, a combination of sea breeze and mountain pines, and I just wanted to gulp it in. We stopped into a few cute shops (namely Lucia Apothecary, where we sampled the most amazing sugar scrubs in existence), walked up and down the streets, did our first wine tasting together, and took a million pictures.

As cute as the town was, the outside was also incredibly inviting that day and couldn’t be left unexplored. We drove around to admire the beautiful California coast, where the bright green grass came right up to the beach and the water was sparkling bluer than any I’ve ever seen. The view was one that was nearly impossible to tear away from; it felt like you could sit watching the clouds and waves move forever.