Cambria // the coziest morning
We woke up to the brightest of mornings, the sunshine beaming through the cottage’s big windows. It was light and cheerful and put us in the mood for a lounge-y morning basking in the sunniness. We drove to a nearby cafe, picked up coffee and scones, and drove back for a slow morning of chatting and taking our time getting ready for the day. I love these kinds of mornings; no pressure, no schedules…just cozy clothes, full hearts, and an abundance of carby goodness.
  • Kate Mitchell

    Such gorgeous pictures! It looks like it was an incredible time.

  • My parents spend half the year in Cambria, I absolutely love it there when I go to visit them! It's so breathtaking! Your photos are lovely, they really capture the coastal vibe!

  • Gorgeous photos Marla! And I love your new blog design!

  • It's impossible for me to read your blog and not fall in love each of your photographs! They're always purrrrfect!!

  • this honestly looks like the most perfect morning! love these

  • Hima

    My favorite thing about mornings is being woken up by rays of sunshine filtering in through your blinds. Also "an abundance of carby goodness" describes happiness in general.