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Choose Adoption // Introducing Chaya

About a month ago, we lost our guinea pig child Loverboy. It was really tough for us, but even tougher for Nala…Loverboy was her best friend, and as really social animals guinea pigs don’t do well alone. She spent the past month sitting in one corner of her cage, just staring for hours. We knew… Read more »

Saying goodbye.

Anyone who owns pets knows that they’re your children; they are such a part of your life that you literally cannot imagine being without them, despite knowing that their life spans are so short compared to ours. This weekend, we had to say goodbye to our little guinea pig guy, Loverboy. Back when I was in… Read more »

Dear Santa, Love Roxy.

Dear Santa, Let me start out by thanking you for all of the delicious treats and fun toys you’ve given me over the past few years. I really appreciated them, but I have a few special requests to put in this year. ||   The cats get to walk on the counter and have access… Read more »

10 reasons guinea pigs are freaking amazing

01. They have adorable tiny faces. 02. They have adorable little butts. 03. They’re clean little guys and they don’t stink. 04. You never have to waste fruit or vegetable remains! 05. They have the cutest little voices and each piggie has its own unique sounding one. 06. They have HAIR not fur, so people… Read more »

Park picnic + guinea pig children

Ilhan and I decided that the guineas needed to see some sunshine and it was just too beautiful of a day to put it off. We whipped up a quick lunch and picked up these mini individual bottles of wine and just sat around in the grass for an hour or so. PS. Remember to… Read more »

My little buddy Chester

I hate when people say they don’t like cats because cats aren’t friendly. Maybe cats aren’t as outwardly excited to see you as dogs are, and they don’t come when they’re called (usually), but they are very loving creatures in their own way. I get really scared of the dark (lol), so I don’t like… Read more »

Bath Time!

I love giving my guinea pig children baths. Showers, rather. I just bring them into the shower with me (taking care to not get my shampoo/conditioner on them as it can hurt their skin) and wash them in there. I like to think they prefer that to a bath as showers more resemble their rainy… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #1

Happy Monday :] I’m going to start posting every Monday NO MATTER WHAT some of my goals/plans for the week. I’m hoping this will be something nice to look back on in the future. 8.12 – 8.18 Finishing memorizing the Arabic alphabet Read more than I have been Take a picture every day My second… Read more »

I am tired.

I took this picture of our cat Greyboy a couple weeks ago and it basically depicts how I feel after this week. Haha. All I want to do right now is fall on the floor and go to sleep. What with studying for my exams tomorrow, working, meetings, and an all-day quilt convention with my… Read more »

First Post

It has already been a good week since I set my blog up, but I have been too nervous to post anything. Who knew blogging could be so awkward? A week ago I seriously had so many great post ideas but as soon as I had a place to put them, every idea suddenly seemed lame. But… Read more »