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Holiday Gift Guide // exclusive collection from O.A.X.

Available for purchase: empire waisted skirt, white blouse, flower crown, long strap bag  I love giving unique gifts for Christmas. Usually I spend at least a month hunting down the perfect item(s) for each of my loved ones because it’s really important to me that they don’t get something they could have just gone to… Read more »

Family Christmas card…circa 1999.

This is one of my favorite old family Christmas cards simply because it is literally so hilarious. I was going to pick this super super cute one we took when Brian was a pudgy baby and I was an adorable 7 year old, but this one is just so fantastic. Here I am…super weirdly tall… Read more »

Dear Santa, Love Roxy.

Dear Santa, Let me start out by thanking you for all of the delicious treats and fun toys you’ve given me over the past few years. I really appreciated them, but I have a few special requests to put in this year. ||   The cats get to walk on the counter and have access… Read more »