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Orange County Eats // Kopan Ramen
Orange County Eats // Kopan Ramen

Ilhan and I freaking LOVE RAMEN. We could honestly eat it for dinner every night, but sadly we don’t :[ But even though we can’t indulge every single night, we definitely eat it at least once every few weeks. That being said, we do try to change it up a little and try new ramen… Read more »

San Diego Eats // The Naked Cafe
Naked Cafe San Diego

Discovering a delightful new spot is made better when you find it somewhere unexpected. A few weeks ago, my dear darling Jomana and I were on the hunt for a new breakfast place that wasn’t too unhealthy and stumbled across The Naked Cafe. It’s actually located in an outdoor shopping center in pretty Carlsbad, North… Read more »

Los Angeles Eats // Blue C Sushi

The more I spend time in Los Angeles, the more I like it. Granted, the majority of the time I’ve spent there has involved indulging in absolutely amazing food…which is enough to have some sway on anyone’s opinion right? ;] One recently discovered spot in LA is Blue C Sushi in Hollywood, where Ilhan and… Read more »

The Last Picnic of Summer

Ilhan and I have been a tad too obsessed with eating out lately. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing (great for discovering so many new places, terrible for our wallets ugh), but either way we decided to have one last summer picnic before the sun starts setting earlier and it’s too… Read more »

5 Things to Do In San Diego This Fall

Happy first day of fall! I’m so so so pumped to leave the summer behind…this is my favorite time of year, when the air gets crisp and you can drink hot drinks all bundled up next to the window. Sadly, Southern California doesn’t really cool down until November or December (or January…), so a lot… Read more »

Santa Barbara // Zaytoon

I didn’t take enough photos for this to be a proper review, but I wanted to share this handful of shots from a truly lovely dinner spot in Santa Barbara, CA. I adore eating meals somewhere pretty, be it takeout by the beach or beautifully decorated restaurant, and Zaytoon truly fit that bill. The evening… Read more »