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Travel Guide // Cambria, CA

Where to Stay: Beachfront Hotel As a beach town, Cambria offers plenty of lovely hotel options right on the coast. Jomana and I didn’t stay in a hotel so I can’t give any proper reviews, but we drove past several as we were exploring the beaches there and they looked gorgeous! This website features four… Read more »

Hearst Castle // exteriors

While there are different tour options for visiting the interior of Hearst Castle, every ticket holder gets access to the castle grounds after the tour is completed. We spent more time walking around outside than we did on the tour and if we hadn’t been so hungry we could have stayed longer. There was so much… Read more »

Hearst Castle // interiors

Back in January I listed Hearst Castle as my number one dream destination for 2015, so you can imagine how excited I was to be stopping by on the last day of our Cambria trip. We decided to do the Upstairs Room tour instead of the Grand Rooms tour (more on that in another post!),… Read more »

Cambria // twilight

We had planned on getting to the coast for sunset, but despite our best efforts the sun was just a sliver of fading red by the time we got there. What had been a clear and vibrant beach earlier that day was transformed into a foggy, rocky shore in twilight, the sea seeming louder without… Read more »

Cambria // afternoon exploration

After our luxuriously lazy morning, we finally wandered out to the sunny downtown. Cambria is an impossibly quaint little town, and since we were there in the off season, it was also quiet and slow-paced. The air had an especially clean crispness to it, a combination of sea breeze and mountain pines, and I just… Read more »

Cambria // the coziest morning

We woke up to the brightest of mornings, the sunshine beaming through the cottage’s big windows. It was light and cheerful and put us in the mood for a lounge-y morning basking in the sunniness. We drove to a nearby cafe, picked up coffee and scones, and drove back for a slow morning of chatting… Read more »

Cambria // road tripping

It wouldn’t be a road trip through Southern California without getting stuck in LA traffic. My best friend Jomana and I had every intention of leaving early enough to beat it, but both of us being those people that are always late, we hit LA right at 6. Luckily traffic isn’t so bad when you’re… Read more »