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I miss you, macarons

Who couldn’t miss these. Really. There was a bakery about a three minute walk from my room in Angers that had THE BEST macarons possible. Just the right amount sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth without over indulging. Those light cookie shells dissolving in your mouth and the filling perfectly chilled and lingering. An absolute… Read more »

Angers // Le Chateau d’Angers, 02

The chateau in Angers is home to the largest tapestry collection in the world that all tell one story. I can’t remember the exact number, but there were 90-110 medieval tapestries in this hall, together telling the story of the apocalypse. We were alone in our observations; the two dimensional faces displayed the haunted and… Read more »

Angers // Le Chateau d’Angers

So as of June 2, I have been home from Europe for an entire year. It feels so bizarre. And it’s even weirder that I’m about to run out of pictures to share :[ So I’m trying to stretch them out as long as possible. As I tried to put off packing for the journey… Read more »

Angers // French Countryside, 03

This sunset was magical to witness, one of the best I’ve ever seen and I LOVE sunsets. It had been drizzling and the descending light was glistening off the earth. The village was so calm and quiet; it was as if everything had stopped to take in these last few moments of the day.

Angers // French Countryside, 02

It was a warm afternoon. Not too hot, not too cold. One of those weekend days between spring and summer, where the bugs are beginning to buzz but aren’t yet brave enough to come out and pester you. Our party of ten-or-so went for a walk in the woods; the greenery was certainly calling our… Read more »

Angers // French Countryside, 01

As our trip was winding to an end, we took a weekend trip to the French countryside to stay with a friend’s family. There was a big group of us, ten or so. We basked in the sun, drank good wine, and laughed a lot. The country was sprawling and green and we felt alive.

A Walk Around Angers

The other day, my Korean friend Somi and I walked across the river (meaning far from school) to visit a tapestry museum called Musée Jean-Lurçat and the chateau of Angers. We couldn’t take any pictures inside the museum, but the tapestries were gigantic and gorgeous, and the outside of the museum was incredible. It was… Read more »