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The Most Perfect Day in Paris

When my sister came to visit me in April, we stopped in Paris between our visit to Amsterdam and heading back to Angers, where I was living. It was the most perfect time to be in Paris…I had been there the week before and nothing was in bloom yet and blossoming trees don’t stay so… Read more »

Saint Malo // Mont Saint Michel

Since I was away from home for Easter this year, one of my lovely friends was kind enough to invite me to her home in Saint Malo (Bretagne) for the weekend. It was beautiful and SO nice to be by the sea. The first day that we were there, we visited UNESCO World Heritage site… Read more »

Paris // Père Lachaise

I spent my birthday weekend in Paris with my friend Jason and also spent the night before/day of with my lovely friend Camille and her boyfriend. It was amazing and definitely a memorable birthday! On Sunday, I had some alone time and decided to go to Pere Lachaise, a gigantic cemetery that is home to… Read more »

Weekend in Lyon

I spent a relaxing weekend in Lyon with my friend Jason, who studied abroad with me in 2010 and we both ended up teaching English here this year. We stayed with some of Jason’s friends and ate a lot, slept in, and walked around the town taking pictures. It was snowing most of the weekend,… Read more »

A Walk Around Angers

The other day, my Korean friend Somi and I walked across the river (meaning far from school) to visit a tapestry museum called Musée Jean-Lurçat and the chateau of Angers. We couldn’t take any pictures inside the museum, but the tapestries were gigantic and gorgeous, and the outside of the museum was incredible. It was… Read more »

Paris // Versailles Day Trip

From late October to early November, one of my best friends from college came to visit me in France and we visited Paris, Dublin, and Amsterdam together. It was an amazing trip, but one of my favorite parts was the day we spent at the Chateau de Versailles. I had been there twice before (once… Read more »