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Paris // Exploring Notre Dame

Notre Dame is my favorite place in Paris. I feel such a strong connection with its history, more so than I do in the other landmarks of the city. Being inside those walls makes me feel like I’m being transported into all of the centuries at once; looking at the very stones that so many… Read more »

Paris // Springtime Strolling

We strolled around Paris taking in the dappled sunlight and the glistening sights. We were boarding a plane home that night so we were walking slowly, hoping that perhaps the slower we walked the longer the day would last. Springtime was everywhere in the warm breeze and the splashing of the Seine.

Paris // Père Lachaise, 02

I love cemeteries. I think that they’re so peaceful; the silence buzzes around you as you read the headstones imagining a face and a life to put to each name. Pere Lachaise is enormous and stunning, perfect for getting lost in and for forgetting the present in favor of remembering the past.

Paris // An Eiffel Tower Sunset

Perhaps this isn’t the most exciting of posts, but I don’t care. We had a picnic on the lawn before the Eiffel Tower on our last night in Paris and it was perfect. We watched the sunset and it felt too good to be true. The perfect finale to our Europe tour. The sky and… Read more »

The Most Perfect Day in Paris

When my sister came to visit me in April, we stopped in Paris between our visit to Amsterdam and heading back to Angers, where I was living. It was the most perfect time to be in Paris…I had been there the week before and nothing was in bloom yet and blossoming trees don’t stay so… Read more »

Paris // Père Lachaise

I spent my birthday weekend in Paris with my friend Jason and also spent the night before/day of with my lovely friend Camille and her boyfriend. It was amazing and definitely a memorable birthday! On Sunday, I had some alone time and decided to go to Pere Lachaise, a gigantic cemetery that is home to… Read more »

Paris // Versailles Day Trip

From late October to early November, one of my best friends from college came to visit me in France and we visited Paris, Dublin, and Amsterdam together. It was an amazing trip, but one of my favorite parts was the day we spent at the Chateau de Versailles. I had been there twice before (once… Read more »