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Travel Tuesday // Venice

Hello dears! So I want to start committing to Photography Friday over at This Analog Adventure, which means I have to start posting my travel stories on Tuesdays. I tend to take a lot of horizontal photos, but I took at LOT of verticals when my sister and I were in Venice in May and I… Read more »

Florence // 03

For our last night in Florence, we ate at Osteria Santa Spirito and enjoyed the most amazing truffle gnocchi I will probably ever taste. It was cheesy and super super hot and so filling but it was also impossible to stop eating. I wish I could go back right now.

Florence // 02

We were staying with a childhood friend in her picturesque apartment near one of the main squares in Florence. She and all her roommates are artists, so the place was decorated marvelously, gorgeous pieces of art hanging from all the walls. We took the stay in Florence as visiting a friend, not a tourist vacation…. Read more »

Florence // 01

Florence. Cue too many carbs and wine on the daily. But it was sunny and friendly and crowded; we loved every second. I am not posting my Florence pictures in particular groups as I did with my Budapest posts; I took so many of so many random buildings we spotted as we explored, so you… Read more »

12 Hours in Milan

I was only in Milan from Saturday morning until Sunday night, so I didn’t have too much time there. It wasn’t a very exciting city, although the Duomo was gorgeous and I had some yummy pizza.