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Angers // French Countryside, 03

This sunset was magical to witness, one of the best I’ve ever seen and I LOVE sunsets. It had been drizzling and the descending light was glistening off the earth. The village was so calm and quiet; it was as if everything had stopped to take in these last few moments of the day.

Angers // French Countryside, 02

It was a warm afternoon. Not too hot, not too cold. One of those weekend days between spring and summer, where the bugs are beginning to buzz but aren’t yet brave enough to come out and pester you. Our party of ten-or-so went for a walk in the woods; the greenery was certainly calling our… Read more »

Angers // French Countryside, 01

As our trip was winding to an end, we took a weekend trip to the French countryside to stay with a friend’s family. There was a big group of us, ten or so. We basked in the sun, drank good wine, and laughed a lot. The country was sprawling and green and we felt alive.

Barcelona // Tiles

One of the most striking characteristics of Barcelona was the beautiful tile work throughout the city. What masterpieces to add color to the passerby’s day.

Barcelona // Park Guell

I mentioned in my last Travel Tuesday post that Erica and I didn’t spend a lot of time visiting specific destinations in Barcelona, but Park Guell was one of the ones that we did stop at. This park was designed by famous Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi and is known for the whimsical designs of the… Read more »

Barcelona // City Views

By the time we got to Barcelona, we were really depleted on energy. We were on our fifth week of sleeping on couches, sightseeing all day every day, countless Ryanair flights and train rides, and living out of little carry-on suitcases. Barcelona was the perfect place for us to conclude our European tour; we went… Read more »

Travel Tuesday // Venice

Hello dears! So I want to start committing to Photography Friday over at This Analog Adventure, which means I have to start posting my travel stories on Tuesdays. I tend to take a lot of horizontal photos, but I took at LOT of verticals when my sister and I were in Venice in May and I… Read more »

Florence // 03

For our last night in Florence, we ate at Osteria Santa Spirito and enjoyed the most amazing truffle gnocchi I will probably ever taste. It was cheesy and super super hot and so filling but it was also impossible to stop eating. I wish I could go back right now.

Florence // 02

We were staying with a childhood friend in her picturesque apartment near one of the main squares in Florence. She and all her roommates are artists, so the place was decorated marvelously, gorgeous pieces of art hanging from all the walls. We took the stay in Florence as visiting a friend, not a tourist vacation…. Read more »

Florence // 01

Florence. Cue too many carbs and wine on the daily. But it was sunny and friendly and crowded; we loved every second. I am not posting my Florence pictures in particular groups as I did with my Budapest posts; I took so many of so many random buildings we spotted as we explored, so you… Read more »