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Stockholm // March 2013

Stockholm was the final stop for my solo trip in March and it made for a lovely finale. Although it was absolutely FREEZING there (in the evenings I would have to stop inside shops every five minutes or so just to warm up) I spent a fantastic four days exploring the city and meeting some… Read more »

Budapest, March 2013

After posting absolutely nothing for four months (what?!) I am finally getting back to work on this blog, so I’m planning on getting all caught up on my travel posts from last semester as well as kicking off new themes for posts…but more on that later. So in my last post I posted some pictures… Read more »

Budapest – Kerepesi Cemetery

So for both my trip to Budapest and my trip to Stockholm, I took far too many pictures to fit into one post, so I’m going to spit them up as best I can! To start off, here are some pictures from Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest, referred to in my tourist guide as the “Pere… Read more »

12 Hours in Milan

I was only in Milan from Saturday morning until Sunday night, so I didn’t have too much time there. It wasn’t a very exciting city, although the Duomo was gorgeous and I had some yummy pizza.


A few weeks ago, I went on a giant trip that was almost two weeks long, visiting four cities. Of course, I took a ton of pictures so I’ll upload them in a few posts. Here is the first one about Brussels. I was barely there for two days, arriving around noon on Thursday and… Read more »

Paris // Père Lachaise

I spent my birthday weekend in Paris with my friend Jason and also spent the night before/day of with my lovely friend Camille and her boyfriend. It was amazing and definitely a memorable birthday! On Sunday, I had some alone time and decided to go to Pere Lachaise, a gigantic cemetery that is home to… Read more »

Weekend in Lyon

I spent a relaxing weekend in Lyon with my friend Jason, who studied abroad with me in 2010 and we both ended up teaching English here this year. We stayed with some of Jason’s friends and ate a lot, slept in, and walked around the town taking pictures. It was snowing most of the weekend,… Read more »

A Walk Around Angers

The other day, my Korean friend Somi and I walked across the river (meaning far from school) to visit a tapestry museum called Musée Jean-Lurçat and the chateau of Angers. We couldn’t take any pictures inside the museum, but the tapestries were gigantic and gorgeous, and the outside of the museum was incredible. It was… Read more »


Before Versailles, my friend Alana and I were in Amsterdam. It is really unfortunate that it is mainly known for weed and prostitutes, because it was the most romantic city I’ve ever been in, a fact that I think is incredibly underrated. It was amazingly quiet and peaceful for a nation’s capital city, made possible… Read more »