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Where to Get the Best Breakfast in Bursa, Turkey
Where to Get the Best Breakfast in Bursa, Turkey

One of my absolute favorite parts of traveling is all the eating (obviously). Trying a variety of new foods is so important to me that I invest hours before heading to a new place researching places to eat/types of local foods I just have to try (#notembarrassed). On top of that, I’m not a picky… Read more »

Onboard The World’s Longest Gondola Lift
Bursa Gondola Lift

When I was getting ready for our big trip to Turkey, taking a ride on the world’s longest gondola lift definitely wasn’t something I anticipated doing. Not because it wasn’t interesting to me…but because I had no idea such an attraction could be found in Turkey! Who keeps track of where long gondola lifts are… Read more »

When In Turkey, Try Turkish Coffee
Turkish coffee

When you think about coffee, what comes to your mind? Your favorite mug steaming with a strong black brew? Or maybe for you, coffee means a sweet Starbucks frappuccino. For me, I think of a hot, creamy latte, especially one in an extra wide mug with a pretty design in the milky foam. However, my… Read more »

First Day in Bursa, Turkey
Bursa, Turkey

I took the above picture as I was sitting in the terminal at LAX, preparing myself for the 14 hour direct flight to Istanbul. I had my carry on backpack perfect organized and packed, my phone was charged up, I was in my comfy-but-cute airport outfit…everything was done, it was just a matter of waiting… Read more »