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4 Must-See Mosques in Istanbul

One of the most impactful cultural experiences for me in Turkey was visiting mosques, especially in Istanbul. I’m not sure I’d ever even seen a mosque before this trip and I definitely hadn’t seen any as big and beautiful as those in Turkey. Although I’m not personally religious, I never felt any cultural shift when… Read more »

A Peek Inside the Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia

Without doubt, the Hagia Sophia has a place at the top of Istanbul’s “must see” list. Almost 1500 years old and having served three different religions under two different empires, it is brimming with history and a magnificent legacy. Construction began on the Orthodox cathedral in 532 at the order of Byzantine emperor Justinian I, and it… Read more »

A Peek Inside Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace was one of the top historical sites on my list for our Istanbul stay. Construction began in 1460 and was completed in 1478, and thereafter the palace served as the center of the empire for 400 years. As I’ve mentioned before, I love old places; it was exhilarating walking through a luxurious building that the… Read more »

Our Dream Date in Istanbul
Our Dream Date in Istanbul

Legend has it that long ago, a fortune teller prophesied to the king that his daughter would be killed by a snake on her 18th birthday. To shield her from this fate, he built the Maiden’s Tower in the middle of the Bosphorus, an isolated little island where she could live her life in safety…. Read more »