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A Photo Tour of Ancient Ephesus
A Photo Tour of Ancient Ephesus

I know I can’t be alone when I say I feel like there’s a certain electricity that you can only find in historic places. It’s like you transcend time; you touch all of the centuries at once, you are one with the hundreds, thousands, millions of other people who have stood at that same spot… Read more »

Cesme, Turkey // A Beautiful, Beachy Paradise
Cesme, Turkey

We need to talk about Cesme, Turkey. Before our trip, Ilhan had told me about the beautiful beaches in Turkey…but I was so excited for Istanbul, the culture, the food, the ancient sites, that I forgot that we’d be beaching it up while in Izmir. Maybe it was also due to the fact that I… Read more »

Izmir, Turkey // City Snapshots
Izmir, Turkey

I was in love with Izmir, Turkey. It was so bright and full of life; the streets were bustling and busy, the restaurant patios were packed every single night of the week, and the city went all the way up to the rolling, crashing sea. I noticed it feeling so much more casual that Bursa… Read more »