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Life Squared // December 2015
December Instagram

01// beautiful seattle skyline on our first evening there   02// the stunning elliot bay book company   03// view from pike place market 04// brunch neutrals, seattle   05// view of vancouver from our air bnb   06// odesza, los angeles♥ 07// valley center sunset   08// my mom’s beautiful christmas ribbon cake   09//… Read more »

Life Squared // May

1// the loveliest morning walk 2// looking up at Universal Studios 3// found THE BEST sushi nearby! 4// flying right over downtown Pittsburgh 5// pizza with my bff 6// en route to NYC through beautiful NY 7// NYC views from the High Line 8// relaxing Sunday seafood lunch 9// Manhattan Bridge I haven’t been around much lately. I got home from my big NYC/Boston trip… Read more »

Life Squared // March & April

I was a horrible blogger in April with only FOUR posts out the whole month, so I forgot to post an March Instarecap lol. To be honest, it’s really hard to get myself to work on this blog when my job is working on another blog you know? But just like every other time I’ve… Read more »

Life Squared // January and February 2015

I haven’t done a life-update-via-Instagram in a while, so it’s high time for a photo dump. January and February completely flew by and I’ve been struggling to maintain this blog as I’ve gotten more and more busy with my job. I’m obviously really happy to that my real, money-making job is picking up but I… Read more »

Life Squared // December, 2014

December was an eventful month for me. Ilhan and I moved for the second time in three months, we got rain for the first time in forever (resulting in the most amazing sunsets), Ilhan and I went on more dates than usual, and I spent time planning and hermitting in preparation for 2015. December 02,… Read more »

Instarecap // 43

Hiii I’m back from Mexico! Thank you to my lovely blog friends who took A Weekend Crossing over for me while I was gone :] I’m still pretty pooped from everything so I’m jumping back into blogging with my Instarecap for September. I have missed Blogland SO MUCH…it feel so good to be back! 01//… Read more »

Instarecap // 42

Happy first Monday of October! I wish it was actually cold here in CA so I could participate in the wonderful fall festivities like hot drinks, chunky scarves, and boots. But alas. It’s been in the 90s-100s the past few weeks BOO. Anyway, here are my September Instagrams from my personal account. I posted more… Read more »

Instarecap // 41

Happy Labor Day! I took a really unplanned hiatus from blogging the past two weeks…I’m back now! I promise I’m going to be better at responding to comments from now on too…I’ve been really really awful at it, I know :[ Anyway I wanted to do an August Instagram recap so here it is haha…. Read more »