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Instarecap // 43

Hiii I’m back from Mexico! Thank you to my lovely blog friends who took A Weekend Crossing over for me while I was gone :] I’m still pretty pooped from everything so I’m jumping back into blogging with my Instarecap for September. I have missed Blogland SO MUCH…it feel so good to be back! 01//… Read more »

Instarecap // 42

Happy first Monday of October! I wish it was actually cold here in CA so I could participate in the wonderful fall festivities like hot drinks, chunky scarves, and boots. But alas. It’s been in the 90s-100s the past few weeks BOO. Anyway, here are my September Instagrams from my personal account. I posted more… Read more »

Instarecap // 41

Happy Labor Day! I took a really unplanned hiatus from blogging the past two weeks…I’m back now! I promise I’m going to be better at responding to comments from now on too…I’ve been really really awful at it, I know :[ Anyway I wanted to do an August Instagram recap so here it is haha…. Read more »

Instarecap // 40

I haven’t posted an Instarecap in a while so I figured now is as good a time as any. Maybe I’ll try to do monthly recaps but I just don’t post that much on my personal account haha. 01// Del Mar beach date with my brother  02// Fourth of July night sky  03// Old Town… Read more »

Instarecap, 38

Happy Monday everyone! My personal Instagram has been REALLY quiet lately in favor of my blog Instagram, so I don’t have much to share. In fact, the only picture I shared this past week was actually from a few weeks ago! I took another picture from that day that I posted at the time, and… Read more »

Instarecap, 37

Happy Monday, my dears! Sorry for the absence…but I also feel like maybe I shouldn’t have to be sorry? I have just been really swamped lately so my blog hasn’t been a priority. I’m not a full-time blogger so I just have to accept that sometimes blogging will just have to take a back seat… Read more »

Instarecap, 36

Happy Monday! I’m writing this as Ilhan and I are finally starting to watch Game of Thrones so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Haha. I wish I was a little better at posting to Instagram because there are only three posts from this week but alas.   My friend Jo and I… Read more »

Instarecap, 35

Happy Monday everyone :] I’m currently sitting watching Tabitha’s Salon Takeover and getting ready to respond to comments and catch up on my Bloglovin feed. Haha. So I did a thing where I organized my Bloglovin into categories so it’s easier to manage…why didn’t I do that before?! Anyway…my insta feed was pretty quiet this… Read more »