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11 Saint Patrick’s Day Drink Recipes
11 Saint Patrick's Day Drink Recipes

So Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up in a couple days aka the best day of the year to get your drink on ;] Since I myself won’t be participating in a particularly boozy holiday Thursday and I’ll be attending a dry wedding over the weekend I figured why not live vicariously through you? I’ve… Read more »

10 Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays
10 Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays

Christmas is two weeks away. TWO WEEKS! Any other major procrastinators out there who are freaking out? I haven’t done any of my shopping yet because I’m in such denial that 2015 is almost over…Christmas can’t be this close, it feels like Christmas 2014 just happened…what is going on?! Anyway this time of the year… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide // exclusive collection from O.A.X.

Available for purchase: empire waisted skirt, white blouse, flower crown, long strap bag  I love giving unique gifts for Christmas. Usually I spend at least a month hunting down the perfect item(s) for each of my loved ones because it’s really important to me that they don’t get something they could have just gone to… Read more »

Spring Inspired Somethings

So when Ilhan and I were in San Francisco, we wandered into a The Paper Source shop and let me tell you…I fell in absolute head over heels love. I’m such a sucker for stationary and nice cards and paper and little treasures and TPS completely tickled my fancy (I love that expression haha). The… Read more »

Labor Day Date

I had to work Labor Day weekend (I work at H&M) but Ilhan and I both had Monday off, so we got to go on a real date for the first time in forever. We are the world’s biggest homebodies so it takes a huge effort for us to get out of PJs and do… Read more »

Bath Time!

I love giving my guinea pig children baths. Showers, rather. I just bring them into the shower with me (taking care to not get my shampoo/conditioner on them as it can hurt their skin) and wash them in there. I like to think they prefer that to a bath as showers more resemble their rainy… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #2

I took this picture from the top of my driveway this past December or January. I for one HATE extreme heat and would rather have 20 degree weather than 90 degree weather any day. I can’t sleep when it’s too hot, I can’t be productive when it’s too hot…basically I can’t function properly when it’s… Read more »