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11 Saint Patrick’s Day Drink Recipes
11 Saint Patrick's Day Drink Recipes

So Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up in a couple days aka the best day of the year to get your drink on ;] Since I myself won’t be participating in a particularly boozy holiday Thursday and I’ll be attending a dry wedding over the weekend I figured why not live vicariously through you? I’ve… Read more »

2016 Travel Bucket List
2016 Travel Bucket List

I know, I know…it’s already March. A little late for any sort of 2016 bucket list post, right? I intended on writing this back in January like a normal person but I was busy/it didn’t happen and then it just seemed too late to write it. But the desire to put this together stuck so… Read more »

10 Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays
10 Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays

Christmas is two weeks away. TWO WEEKS! Any other major procrastinators out there who are freaking out? I haven’t done any of my shopping yet because I’m in such denial that 2015 is almost over…Christmas can’t be this close, it feels like Christmas 2014 just happened…what is going on?! Anyway this time of the year… Read more »

20 before 26 // finding inner peace

I’m 12 days away from turning 25. The last 12 days of my first quarter century. The next time I hit such a landmark, I’ll be turning 50. Gahh! Last year I posted my 25 before 25 goals, and I only completed 10 of them (I guess I still have 12 days to go…but something’s… Read more »

Where to go in 2015?

I miss traveling very much and I want 2015 to be a year of exploration, both near and far. Although I wouldn’t consider myself “resolving” to see these places (so many things factor into trips, it’s hard to guarantee they’ll happen!), they’re definitely on my 2015 to-do list. If I go on any trips, this… Read more »

8 Pet Peeves // with help from Real Housewives!

01. Slow drivers who insist on remaining in the passing lane. GET OUT. YOU ARE PASSING NO ONE. Seriously can’t everyone agree with me on this one? Nothing is worse than being completely trapped behind some snail of a driver who is going the exact same speed as the lane to the right. WHAT ASKHLGHLFDJGHLDJHG…. Read more »

How to procrastinate like a pro // 5 simple steps!

Over the years, I’ve learned that I have a truly special talent for procrastinating. It’s a gift, really. Need any task of any kind done by a certain time? Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to not start on it until the last minute and get it done right in the nick of time after a… Read more »