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10 things that I believe

01. What goes around comes around – so make sure you’re spreading what you’d welcome returning to you. 02. Animals deserve to be treated with kindness, love, and respect. 03. Eggs are the best of all breakfast foods. 04. The best feeling mornings are the cold ones where you can snooze in bed under a… Read more »

10 reasons guinea pigs are freaking amazing

01. They have adorable tiny faces. 02. They have adorable little butts. 03. They’re clean little guys and they don’t stink. 04. You never have to waste fruit or vegetable remains! 05. They have the cutest little voices and each piggie has its own unique sounding one. 06. They have HAIR not fur, so people… Read more »

25 Before 25

23 was a rough year for me, to be honest. It has been a real struggle trying to figure out where I’m going in life, and 23 was just awkward. It began in France with me living an adventure and traveling but in a way that wasn’t sustainable, so when I got home it seemed… Read more »