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Oaxaca // City Snapshots, 03

It’s the little details that define a trip. The major touristy sites and tours and views are things that travelers have in common with one another, but the in-between moments are unique to the individual. That random snack you buy from a street vendor, the laughs over drinks, the lovely moments that you happen to… Read more »

Oaxaca // Sirilo Ceviche & Taco

On our last night in Oaxaca, our friend took us to her favorite seafood restaurant in the city: Sirilo Ceviche & Taco. She said she went here at least once a week when she first moved to Oaxaca, and it was easy to see why. The restaurant was really small, only 3-4 tables inside, but… Read more »

Oaxaca // Cofetarika

Towards the end of our trip, Ilhan and I slept in pretty late which called for a brunch date haha. My best friend host recommended that we go to Cofetarika, a little second story cafe that serves drinks, wraps, omelettes and the like. It was a really cute place and the waitress was SO sweet… Read more »

Oaxaca // Monte Alban

Monte Alban was only a short drive from the city and it was more than worth it. The stunning remnants of a civilization perched high in the mountains, a skeleton of what used to be. There is much mystery surrounding Monte Alban; only a handful of human remains have been found there (no big cemeteries… Read more »

Oaxaca // Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua: a pair of stunning rock formations that resemble waterfalls with natural springs atop. We didn’t swim, but the water is said to have healing properties. It was so serene, nestled in the mountains, and I was brave enough to stand right at the edge of a cliff to take the picture below…. Read more »

Oaxaca // El Arbol del Tule + Mitla

As much as Ilhan and I loved being in the city, we didn’t want to miss out on the cool things in the surrounding areas (duh!). On one of our tours, we stopped at Tule to see el Arbol del Tule, the tree with the “stoutest” trunk in the whole world. It’s so wide, I… Read more »

Oaxaca // Casa Oaxaca

Ilhan and I wanted to have a nice date night while we were in Oaxaca and Erin recommended that we try the restaurant at Casa Oaxaca hotel, which is apparently one of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America (no. 34!)! The restaurant area is in the hotel courtyard, but since it’s a boutique hotel… Read more »

Oaxaca // Brunch + lazy Sunday

It was Sunday morning, and after three nights of going out we were exhausted; not in the mood to be industrious tourists, we sat around the kitchen chatting as Erin and Hanna made us a Mexican brunch. Boiled veggies blended up and poured over hot tortillas, topped with fried eggs, Oaxacan queso fresco, onions, and… Read more »

Oaxaca // Day of the Dead

I was really excited to be in Mexico for the Day of the Dead, and Oaxaca has some of the best celebrations. The day after our arrival (Halloween!), we painted our faces and headed out to a giant cemetery across the city. It was overflowing with people celebrating the lives of their dead, everyone was… Read more »