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Oaxaca // Brunch + lazy Sunday

It was Sunday morning, and after three nights of going out we were exhausted; not in the mood to be industrious tourists, we sat around the kitchen chatting as Erin and Hanna made us a Mexican brunch. Boiled veggies blended up and poured over hot tortillas, topped with fried eggs, Oaxacan queso fresco, onions, and… Read more »

Oaxaca // Day of the Dead

I was really excited to be in Mexico for the Day of the Dead, and Oaxaca has some of the best celebrations. The day after our arrival (Halloween!), we painted our faces and headed out to a giant cemetery across the city. It was overflowing with people celebrating the lives of their dead, everyone was… Read more »

Oaxaca // City Snapshots, 02

We were in Oaxaca for the Day of Dead festivities, and Oaxaca boasts some of the best in all of Mexico. There were alters set up everywhere, colorful and fascinating. We ordered some corn soup per Erin’s recommendation, and it was prepared from scratch right there in front of us. It was served in little… Read more »

Oaxaca // City Snapshots

Our first walk around Oaxaca was one of those where you can’t stop looking in every direction and everything is extraordinarily beautiful. We didn’t do anything specific, just wandered. The colors were  inviting, urging us to keep walking and walking.

Oaxaca // First Day Details

Ilhan and I embarked on our first plane-taking adventure on October 30. It was our first time traveling so far together, our first time in Mexico, and we were going to see my best friend Erin for the first time since we graduated college in 2012. I’m really excited to share bits of it with… Read more »