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Seattle By Night
Seattle By Night

Isn’t it strange how everything changes at night? Sometimes you get lost even in places you’ve been before because it becomes so unfamiliar after the sun sets. Some places get scarier in the dark, others more exciting, though whatever the transformation brings it’s always tantalizing and electric. We loved Seattle in the day, but we… Read more »

On Top of Seattle // Visiting the Space Needle

The Space Needle is a truly magnificent structure and one that we just ~had~ to climb while we were in Seattle. After brunch at nearby Tilikum Place Cafe, we walked over to the park where the Space Needle stands, snapping pictures at pretty much every corner as we approached (it just got more and more… Read more »

Seattle Eats // Tilikum Place Cafe
Seattle Eats Tilikum Cafe

We woke up on Sunday morning in Seattle, exhausted and slightly hungover from dancing Saturday night away at an Odesza show. After pulling ourselves together, we headed into the city to find some brunch. Enter Tilikum Place Cafe. With a 4.5 star average out of over 800 reviews on Yelp, it seemed like a more-than-promising option… Read more »

Seattle // Exploring Pike Place Market
Seattle, Washington

For us San Diegans, anything below 60 degrees is absolutely freezing. That first day in Seattle was a bit of a shock for us with temperatures around 45 and the windchill was absolutely biting. Neither of us was complaining though; there’s just something about being all bundled up, especially when we don’t usually have the… Read more »