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Black on Black // What Wearing All Black Means to Me

Over the past few years, my wardrobe has slowly but steadily lost its color. Open up my closet door and you’ll find everything organized into blacks, whites, and greys…but nothing else. And even still, I usually go for black items anyway; grey usually appears in the form of a cardigan and white as an easy… Read more »

Hey What’s Up Hello

Helloooooo. It’s already been over two weeks since my last post and besides that it’s been months and months since I wrote a real life update. I’m not sure when my blog got a LOT less personal, but I remember back when I first started writing I shared a lot of stories about my life… Read more »

Bumble BFF is My New BFF
Bumble BFF

You’ve probably heard by now that the popular dating app Bumble recently entered the ~friend zone~ and you can now switch the app to “BFF” and swipe right for new galpals! I have never used a dating app (Ilhan and I started dating before smart phones were a things lol) but you’d better believe I… Read more »

2016 Travel Bucket List
2016 Travel Bucket List

I know, I know…it’s already March. A little late for any sort of 2016 bucket list post, right? I intended on writing this back in January like a normal person but I was busy/it didn’t happen and then it just seemed too late to write it. But the desire to put this together stuck so… Read more »

Introducing Daenerys!
Daenerys the Cat

Have you ever had a pet that you felt destiny brought into your life? As if the two of you were just supposed to be together and the universe made it happen? That’s how I feel with little Daenerys, this beautiful kitten who entered my life quite unexpectedly a few weeks ago. She is simultaneously… Read more »

7 Before 27

So yesterday was my 26th birthday, guys. I’m trying really hard to not be freaked out by this lol, but I think rounding my age up mentally for the past few months really helped me prepare. It’s just so strange being at the end of my mid-twenties, you know? Although I really feel like my… Read more »

Introducing Carl!

We have a new family member! Meet Carl :] He’s an incredibly energetic 2-year-old lab mix who we adopted last week from a local animal shelter. He’s still working on getting along with our cats and the guinea pigs, but he already made friends with my friend’s dog and we’ve gone on a few walks… Read more »

New Year, New Me // I Chopped My Hair Off!

Back in 2010, I cut my hair really short…like above my shoulders short. And I’ve been growing it out since then. I LOVED my long hair, it made me feel like a mermaid, but it was just starting to feel really heavy and high maintenance, you know? It was like wearing a huge blanket on… Read more »

5 Things I’m Thankful For This Year
5 Things I'm Thankful For This Year

Is anyone else in complete disbelief that Thanksgiving 2015 has already come and gone? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s pretty stress-free compared to Christmas, it comes around in fall (the best season😏), and the dinner is pretty freaking mind-blowing. But other than that, I appreciate the reminder at the end of the year… Read more »