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20 before 26 // finding inner peace

I’m 12 days away from turning 25. The last 12 days of my first quarter century. The next time I hit such a landmark, I’ll be turning 50. Gahh! Last year I posted my 25 before 25 goals, and I only completed 10 of them (I guess I still have 12 days to go…but something’s… Read more »

2015 // A Fresh Start

I took an unexpected hiatus for most of December; my last post was published on December 10 and I just could not bring myself to write anything after that. I was feeling really lost in the blog world, without purpose or direction and I wasn’t loving my content anymore. A Weekend Crossing felt like an… Read more »

Saying goodbye.

Anyone who owns pets knows that they’re your children; they are such a part of your life that you literally cannot imagine being without them, despite knowing that their life spans are so short compared to ours. This weekend, we had to say goodbye to our little guinea pig guy, Loverboy. Back when I was in… Read more »

Family Christmas card…circa 1999.

This is one of my favorite old family Christmas cards simply because it is literally so hilarious. I was going to pick this super super cute one we took when Brian was a pudgy baby and I was an adorable 7 year old, but this one is just so fantastic. Here I am…super weirdly tall… Read more »

I had another paranormal experience.

So back in June I had a pretty creepy paranormal experience while on a ghost tour with Ilhan, my sister, and her boyfriend…but that turned out to be nothing but a precursor to the very terrifying paranormal experience I had in early October. So I was spending the night at my grandma’s house with my… Read more »

8 Pet Peeves // with help from Real Housewives!

01. Slow drivers who insist on remaining in the passing lane. GET OUT. YOU ARE PASSING NO ONE. Seriously can’t everyone agree with me on this one? Nothing is worse than being completely trapped behind some snail of a driver who is going the exact same speed as the lane to the right. WHAT ASKHLGHLFDJGHLDJHG…. Read more »

Zodiac Obsession // I am SO Aquarius.

via. A little something you might not know about me is that I’ve been super into the Zodiac lately. Even Ilhan has been reading his horoscopes with me (and he’s the most skeptical person ever…like remember my paranormal experience? He still doesn’t think it’s anything paranormal. Come on now…play along, buddy.). I have not always… Read more »

Story Time // pranking my little brother

I feel like I have a lot of funny stories about my childhood. My siblings and I were homeschooled, so we spent a LOT of time together; we had countless pretend games, went on awesome field trips, and generally had a great time. One thing that I find particularly hilarious to reflect on is a… Read more »

#TBT // Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 was my last Halloween of college. It ended up being halfway my best Halloween ever and halfway my worst. My friend Alana and I met in a history class fall of our sophomore year, and we both ended up being history majors in school. So we thought it would be perfect to dress… Read more »

One Lovely Blog Award // A tag!

Last week one of my best blogger buddies, Miho, tagged me for this One Lovely Blog Award (thank you!). I love tags and an excuse to share stuff about me that you don’t already know. I really enjoy getting to know my fellow bloggers and I like anyone that reads this getting to know me… Read more »