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Date night by the sea

As I mentioned in a previous Daily Diaries, Ilhan and I decided to meet up for a spontaneous date night! Since he lives in Orange County and I live in San Diego, we typically don’t see one another except the weekends, so this was a special treat. We didn’t do anything really grand. We just got… Read more »

My little buddy Chester

I hate when people say they don’t like cats because cats aren’t friendly. Maybe cats aren’t as outwardly excited to see you as dogs are, and they don’t come when they’re called (usually), but they are very loving creatures in their own way. I get really scared of the dark (lol), so I don’t like… Read more »

I had a paranormal experience.

So this past weekend, Ilhan and I went on a ghost tour with my sister and her boyfriend in Old Town San Diego. You read the title of this post right…I had a paranormal experience, and it happened on this tour. And I couldn’t not tell you guys about it! I’m going to try to… Read more »

Summer Bucket List 2014

So perhaps you noticed that there was no Instarecap today (or perhaps you didn’t and that’s totally ok too haha). That is due to the simple fact that I didn’t post a single picture on my personal account this week. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m VERY VERY picky about what I post to Instagram; I’m… Read more »

Regroup and reset.

via. It’s getting to that point that I’m pretty sure every blogger has experienced from time to time. I’m starting to lose touch with my blog and it doesn’t feel “me” right now. I’m not motivated to write anything or take care of my space, and I’m just getting so behind on posts. I have… Read more »

I’m so sick of tattoo hate.

Since I started writing this blog, I have wanted to write about things/issues/more serious topics that actually hold weight in my life. Doing so has proven to be daunting because the Internet is a big scary place and I’m a very non-confrontational person which makes me paranoid of offending people. But I have been thinking… Read more »

Spring Inspired Somethings

So when Ilhan and I were in San Francisco, we wandered into a The Paper Source shop and let me tell you…I fell in absolute head over heels love. I’m such a sucker for stationary and nice cards and paper and little treasures and TPS completely tickled my fancy (I love that expression haha). The… Read more »

Happy Sixth Anniversary To Us!

I have something really special to share with you all today. Six years ago today, Ilhan asked me to be his girlfriend via “reading my palm” (the first time our hands touched hehe) and predicting that later that night a crazy skateboarder was going to ask a pretty girl to be his girlfriend (I read… Read more »

San Francisco Plans

via. As you might have read in this week’s Sunday Currently, Ilhan and I are driving up to San Francisco tonight! I am literally getting antsy here trying to write the rest of my scheduled posts and catch up on blogging. I want to just start packing and getting there! So in anticipation, here are… Read more »

25 Before 25

23 was a rough year for me, to be honest. It has been a real struggle trying to figure out where I’m going in life, and 23 was just awkward. It began in France with me living an adventure and traveling but in a way that wasn’t sustainable, so when I got home it seemed… Read more »