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Guest Posting at Little Blue Backpack

Hi all :] I should have posted this last week but I didn’t…but it’s not too late to check out my guest post over at Little Blue Backpack (one of my favorite favorite bloggers…check her out regardless of my post!)! Shannon was kind enough to include me in one of her blog’s weekly features called “My… Read more »

Antique Store Date

Two weekends ago, Ilhan and I went out for a lovely date night in the city of Orange, which is the historic center of Orange County (as in…the Real Housewives of Orange County). Being the history lover that I am (and as Ilhan is too), going to a really cool antique store is a super… Read more »

Blog Obligations

I have been really struggling lately to find some inspiration for this blog. I keep an ideas journal around with me, but when it comes down to actually writing something nothing ever strikes my fancy, even though I like the ideas. The only thing that I’m really motivated to write is the weekly goals every… Read more »

My First OOTD. EVER.

To be honest I’m super nervous to post this. I don’t know the ladies who write style blogs do it…I feel so awkward posting a picture of myself to let everyone know I think my outfit is awesome. I had my brother take this picture of me literally two three weeks ago and it has just been… Read more »

This Week’s To-Do’s #6

I’ve been completely MIA in blogland the past five ish days…Ilhan and I took a little trip to San Francisco this week :] I have a bunch of catching up to do as far as posting and reading other people’s blogs go, so hopefully I get everything done by Wednesday. I slept all day today… Read more »

Insomnia: Cured

You might remember this post I wrote about the bout of insomnia I was suffering from at the time. Since then, I have gotten back into a healthy sleep routine, mostly thanks to taking one of our cats to bed with me on a nightly basis. This is what I woke up to the other morning after… Read more »

Labor Day Date

I had to work Labor Day weekend (I work at H&M) but Ilhan and I both had Monday off, so we got to go on a real date for the first time in forever. We are the world’s biggest homebodies so it takes a huge effort for us to get out of PJs and do… Read more »

Thriftbooks Haul

I am a major, lifelong book lover. I was lucky that the university I studied at was extremely book heavy and almost every class required several books. That being said, with all my school-related reading assignments, it was a good four years without any real reading just for myself! Over the past year since graduating,… Read more »