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Introducing Daenerys!
Daenerys the Cat

Have you ever had a pet that you felt destiny brought into your life? As if the two of you were just supposed to be together and the universe made it happen? That’s how I feel with little Daenerys, this beautiful kitten who entered my life quite unexpectedly a few weeks ago. She is simultaneously… Read more »

Introducing Carl!

We have a new family member! Meet Carl :] He’s an incredibly energetic 2-year-old lab mix who we adopted last week from a local animal shelter. He’s still working on getting along with our cats and the guinea pigs, but he already made friends with my friend’s dog and we’ve gone on a few walks… Read more »

Goodbye to my oldest friend // 9/12/02 – 6/30/15

Last night, we said goodbye to our family dog Roxy. About two weeks ago, she rapidly and inexplicably lost the use of her legs. We were bringing her to acupuncture and chiropractor appointments plus started her on a bunch of new meds, but there wasn’t much change in condition. Last night, she had blood in… Read more »

Turning 25 // the perfect way to celebrate

I had my 25th birthday a couple weeks ago on February 16. 25 is a big one, you know? It marks the completion of your first quarter century of life and brings you into the second one. I wanted to do something super special for this day and spent weeks trying to think of cool… Read more »

Choose Adoption // Introducing Chaya

About a month ago, we lost our guinea pig child Loverboy. It was really tough for us, but even tougher for Nala…Loverboy was her best friend, and as really social animals guinea pigs don’t do well alone. She spent the past month sitting in one corner of her cage, just staring for hours. We knew… Read more »

Saying goodbye.

Anyone who owns pets knows that they’re your children; they are such a part of your life that you literally cannot imagine being without them, despite knowing that their life spans are so short compared to ours. This weekend, we had to say goodbye to our little guinea pig guy, Loverboy. Back when I was in… Read more »

Dear Santa, Love Roxy.

Dear Santa, Let me start out by thanking you for all of the delicious treats and fun toys you’ve given me over the past few years. I really appreciated them, but I have a few special requests to put in this year. ||   The cats get to walk on the counter and have access… Read more »

10 reasons guinea pigs are freaking amazing

01. They have adorable tiny faces. 02. They have adorable little butts. 03. They’re clean little guys and they don’t stink. 04. You never have to waste fruit or vegetable remains! 05. They have the cutest little voices and each piggie has its own unique sounding one. 06. They have HAIR not fur, so people… Read more »

My little buddy Chester

I hate when people say they don’t like cats because cats aren’t friendly. Maybe cats aren’t as outwardly excited to see you as dogs are, and they don’t come when they’re called (usually), but they are very loving creatures in their own way. I get really scared of the dark (lol), so I don’t like… Read more »

Photography Friday, 01

So I’m SUPER EXCITED that I finally pulled myself together in order to participate in a Photography Friday link up YAYAY! I have been wanting to literally since Jessica first started featuring it on her blog and here I finally am joining in. Sorry almost everything I take pictures of are my pets haha. I’M SO OBSESSED… Read more »