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Photography Friday, 01

So I’m SUPER EXCITED that I finally pulled myself together in order to participate in a Photography Friday link up YAYAY! I have been wanting to literally since Jessica first started featuring it on her blog and here I finally am joining in. Sorry almost everything I take pictures of are my pets haha. I’M SO OBSESSED… Read more »

Currently Loving 03

It’s October and still in the 80s here. Iced drinks anyone? I seriously can’t handle hot weather anymore, but since I can’t escape I’ve been enjoying my coffee and tea in iced form lately.  I’ve mostly been obsessed with ginger tea, especially when the tea bags come with little sayings written on the tag. So… Read more »

Blog Obligations

I have been really struggling lately to find some inspiration for this blog. I keep an ideas journal around with me, but when it comes down to actually writing something nothing ever strikes my fancy, even though I like the ideas. The only thing that I’m really motivated to write is the weekly goals every… Read more »

The Perfect Sandwich: In Loving Memory

I made this glorious sandwich for myself a few weeks ago and boy am I glad I documented it, because I have since gone gluten free. This is perhaps the last sandwich I’ll eat for a while, which is kind of a tragedy (although worth it I guess…gluten allergies are the worst). Anyways. It was… Read more »

Insomnia: Cured

You might remember this post I wrote about the bout of insomnia I was suffering from at the time. Since then, I have gotten back into a healthy sleep routine, mostly thanks to taking one of our cats to bed with me on a nightly basis. This is what I woke up to the other morning after… Read more »

Thriftbooks Haul

I am a major, lifelong book lover. I was lucky that the university I studied at was extremely book heavy and almost every class required several books. That being said, with all my school-related reading assignments, it was a good four years without any real reading just for myself! Over the past year since graduating,… Read more »