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Love true crime? Then you’ll love this book.
Helter Skelter book review

Full disclosure: I love the true crime genre. Morbid and dark, I know…but it just fascinates me. What goes on in the mind of the killer? What makes them different from the rest of us? My favorite podcast, Sword and Scale, is an incredible true crime podcast and I’ve listened to all 54 episodes twice… Read more »

Recent Reads // Blood Diamonds

I’ll take a leaf out of Greg Campbell’s book (pun intended) and open this post with the same Shakespeare quote that opens Blood Diamonds: Cymbeline: That diamond upon your finger, say How came it yours? Iachimo: Thou’lt torture me to leave unspoken that Which to be spoke would torture thee. – Cymbeline It can be… Read more »

20 in 2015 // a reading challenge

I love reading challenges, and talking about them on the blog really helps me be successful. I can’t believe I read 24 books last year, and I know it was thanks to being held accountable here that I did it. I can’t remember the last time I read two books a month just for fun!… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Recap

Last January, I set a goal for myself that I’d read 24 books in 2014. I definitely stopped updating on here about it because I was doing so badly at finishing two books a month, but I miraculously pulled through and completed the challenge on December 31. Cutting it close lol. Mary Boleyn: Mistress of… Read more »

24 in 2014 // what I’ve been reading lately

Well, I’m horribly behind in my 24 in 2014 challenge. Like atrociously. As of now, I’ve only completed 18/24 and I only have a month to read 6 books. Sooo we’ll see how that goes lol. I mean I haven’t totally lost hope…I can get through Harry Potter pretty quickly and I’ve only finished rereading… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 8/9/?!?!

Ok. So I am so devastatingly behind with this 24 in 2014 series. It’s actually sad. I haven’t even finished my June list yet looooool. I somehow lost The Two Princes so it’s been literally impossible to finish ha. I just gave up on it and have since started my two books for July, but still…neither… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 06 Review part 01

Happy Wednesday, pretties :] So typically I post reviews of the previous month every second Wednesday of the month but since there’s an extra Wednesday this month I thought I’d just spilt up my review into two reviews, one per book. So we’ll start out with the fictional book this week. So as I mentioned… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 07

Let’s start out by acknowledging that I’m going to acknowledge how late in the year it is at the beginning of every month from here on out. Like this is Month 07 of my 24 in 2014 series how why when!?                           This… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 05 Review

May was a little rough for me in the reading department. I started out so so well with my reading this year…I’d bring a book to work and reading during my lunch and if I was early, etc. Lately, I haven’t been having much of a lunch break so I haven’t been reading as much… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 06

Ok how weird is it that we’re already into the sixth month of 2014. I can’t deal with it even a little bit. When I originally started this series, I presented a list of the first eight books that I planned on reading. That list has now been completed, but I don’t feel like creating… Read more »