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24 in 2014 // Months 03-04 Review

Happy Wednesday everyone! I mentioned this wayyy back at the beginning of April, I completed a grand total of zero books in March. Lol. I decided to make up for it by listening to two books on tape while reading the two books carried over from March. Not only was it successful and I finished… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 05

Well I’m really glad to announce that I’m back on track for 24 in 2014! I finished two books + two books on tape in April, hooray! So I’m here to introduce two books for May that I’m SUPER excited about and that I’ve been wanting to read for forever. As I’m rethinking my blog… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 4, Part 1

I can’t believe it’s April guys. But guess what I got out 24 posts last month! That’s a record for me, so I’m excited about that :] Anyhow, welcome to my FOURTH month in my 24 in 2014 series! This is going to be kind of sad because I didn’t complete a single book in March let… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 02 Review

Welcome to my reviews of my February reads for my 24 in 2014 challenge! To start out I just want to say…thank you all so much for supporting me in this series. Since I’ve started it, I’ve noticed myself watching SO MUCH LESS tv than I used to, even as recently as December/January. If you… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 3

Hi! Welcome to my THIRD month in my 24 in 2014 series! I’m behind on these to be honest, I should be caught up this week though. It’s already almost halfway through March and I haven’t started reading this yet, yikes!! It is totally because I did a poor job pairing my January books…it was… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 01 Review

  Welcome to my Month 01 Review for my 24 in 2014 series! I have been really looking forward to posting this review! It’s my first ever book review so feedback is appreciated :] Today I will be talking about the books that I introduced back in January, Mary Boleyn: Mistress of Kings by Alison Weir and… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 02

Welcome to Month 02 of my 24 in 2014 series :] I am happy to say that I completed two books for the month of January! Barely in time for this to be posted on schedule though ha. I HAVE to be better this month, what with me reading January books into February and it… Read more »

24 in 2014 // Month 01

So as you might have seen in yesterday’s post, I am working towards two reading goals this year: completing 24 books and branching out from non-fiction history/biography books. In this post, I’m introducing the two books I plan on completing this month. I will answer three questions about each: WHAT is it about, WHY did I… Read more »

24 Books in 2014

Via. So one thing I would like to accomplish in 2014 is cross 24 books off of my reading list. I have always been a HUGE reader…literally almost my whole life, having learned how when I was three. My parents used to put me to bed when I was little and I’d sneak into the… Read more »